T-Mobile sends rather strange error-filled upgrade email out

A while back Sprint users started transitioning to the T-Mobile network. It caused some hiccups but, yeah, the assumption was that we were there. I’m getting 150mbit downloads now, different towers are showing, I’ve got T-Mobile Tuesdays, pretty sure my part was done.

Then I got this message (with a glaring error,) to go to a store to get the full experience which includes Scam Shield (which I have installed and working,) and access to T-Mobile’s whole array of services.

The message is Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile Paul in an MP4 video on Egnyte shared by Kevin Porter.

Who’s Kevin Porter you might ask? I don’t know. Let me know.

The message is to go into a store an do a SIM swap to get into the new network, It tells you to go to Sprint.com/TNX for details

Which is not there.

My current best guess is that this was 1) not ready for prime time, 2) aimed at some future 5G phones as why else would you need a SIM swap? 3) a draft, 4) a job advertisement for a proof reader, 5) an example of how to send a confusing message and cause people to flock into stores in the middle of a pandemic.

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Paul E King

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