The Clutch V2 3000mAh thin truly pocketable charger

Coming in at 2oz and slightly larger than a credit card, the Clutch V2 portable charger can power your phone through a long outing without dragging a charging brick and a cable with you.

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The difference between the V1 and V2 versions appear to be that the V2 have a slightly higher capacity battery (3000 as opposed to 2300,) and the V2 series has options for USB-C and Lightning connectors. The V1 also appears to have been an Apple Lightning exclusive.

The Clutch V2 is as thick as 4 standard debit/credit cards, and about a cm all around larger, so it’s unfortunately not fitting in any wallet’s card holding pouch that I own, although you could potentially force it. I don’t think that would be a particularly wise decision. They do have a video of it coming out of a wallet posted, but it isn’t close to fitting in my wallets however.

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Not any wallet I own, at least not in the card pockets

According to my phone and 3C Battery Monitor Widget, the Clutch V2 will put out around 1600 mA when charging your phone, so it’s a pretty decent charger in terms of output, especially at that size.

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I swear a second before I took this screenshot it was over 1600.

Paul finds something wrong with everything

While I’m actually quite digging the Clutch V2 portable charger’s feel, there are some portable charger crimes I feel it has commited.

Crime #1 – if you charge something (USB-C, Micro-USB, Lightning,) be able to be charged by that thing. Example here is I’m charging my USB-C phone and to charge the Clutch V2 I’m going to have to use a Micro USB cable, which is included, but why when you know I can charge via USB-C? I now have to devote a USB charger/port to this cable when I could be charging it off of my phone’s charger.

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Er no, you’re 0.17″ longer, 0.38″ taller, and over 4x thicker

Crime #2 – battery indicator seems to have little no relation to battery. Mine may be defective, but starting at 4 dots and dropping to 1 over 20 minutes generally tends to worry me. Does not appear to be diminished capacity, but that is strange.

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This is what credit cards against this look like. Will it fit in your wallet?

Crime #3 – Extremely thin and breakable-feeling cable. I feel like I’m going to break it. I haven’t broken it mind you, but it feels so flimsy due to the small size when compared to a normal USB-C cable. It has a one-year warranty however.

Crime #4 – passthrough charging fail. This device tells a phone it’s charging the phone when the charger is charging, but does not appear to actually be.

The Clutch V2 in use

It puts out a lot of mA, and a lot of heat. The heat concerned me a bit until I looked at how other chargers handle heat dissipation. It never feels like it’s reaching dangerous levels, but it’s warm.

Fairly fast standard charging, there’re no specs I can find on what charging standards it handles but since I’m not seeing QQC3 levels I’d say it’s basic.

It is a truly pocketable portable power bank for times when you know you’re going to need some juice and don’t want to haul out a car battery to keep connected for your next Zoom meeting that could be accomplished via email while you’re camping.

Price is what you’d expect for a very slim formerly Apple-only product.

Other than that it’s not small as a card, does not fit in my wallet, it does what it needs to and is tiny.

For a small easy to carry product, yeah, I dig it. I’m not tickled that people might think it’s going to fit in your average credit card slot however.

You can grab a Clutch V2 from the manufacturer’s website. Make sure you pick the right connector.

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