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Stopping in for a bit to give an update after Nashville’s second thousand year flood this 11 years, which came after insane winds swept in on Thursday and leveled East Nashville. I’m alive. My basement flooded but it’s just an annoyance and maybe $500 in damages. that I’ve spotted so far.

One of the four dead we know from the flood was about 1.7 miles from my house. It’s been kind of a crazy few days. Crazy as in ever gotten a call from a bar at midnight asking you to come up with a plan to save them kind of crazy. Reading posts from people stuck on a third floor of a condo building with a baby trying to get help. Collapsed apartment complexes. Houses getting taken out by cars flung from rivers kind of crazy.

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My guess is 6 inches or so

Electric chainsaws are great but man running low on battery for the past two days.

image 29 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Basically have been fighting water and wind in one form or another this weekend and am removing trees from people’s houses and streets.

Official totals say 7 inches or so of rain came down over a three hour period. Two miles south of us registered over 9.

Anyway, when I get a moment to resume or am charging my batteries I’ll be back. If you’re in Nashville and need anything post it in the comments below and how to contact you.

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