As the world turns…

The school year ended for my kids yesterday. It was the strangest year in memory. Covid cases in Nashville were averaging 38 cases a day over two weeks it’s the lowest it’s been in since April 2020 or earlier. Google I/O’s in the rear view mirror, products that were introduced in November are just starting to reach markets due to supply chain issues, people put gasoline in garbage bags because our nation’s critical infrastructure runs a network that keeps Bob’s computer for Spider Solitaire connected to things that could cause a pipeline explosion.

And the world keeps chugging along.

TL;DR – bloggity blog blaahhhhg

My attempts to monetize Pocketables are so far yielding nothing I’ll nip at. Too many strings. Too much garbage.

I followed a lot of tech from March of 2020 that is just getting released now. Much of it could have saved lives. It’s been such a shame to see that it’s just happening this far out. Barns doors are closing, the cows are leaving. Maybe it can do good in overseas markets. We’ve had covid-sniffing dogs for over a year and they’re just getting the program running.

I think I’m going to turn some of my coverage on recovering from 2020. I managed to gain about 2 pounds a month it looks like. Not pretty. I mean, there’s some muscle there, but damn. So expect some really lame side quest level 48-year-old overweight vegetarian attempts to reclaim only being 40 pounds overweight articles.

Side note, if anyone’s an exercise guru who works with long term older vegetarians and getting them back in shape drop me a line. Working 5 feet from my bed for months did not do good for me.

I’ve been scanning the tech world for neat stuff, not finding much. It is the typically meh time of the year but I feel it’ll be meh-er this year than most. If you run across anything interesting please drop a tip under contact us.

If you’ve got something interesting to write and wish to be exploited to work for free and potentially make us $3 in advertising revenue, feel free to contact us.

Side note, any articles that have the words “post” and “guest” and not in that order will be being renamed, edited, and/or deleted in the upcoming weeks. Getting too much spam by SEO firms looking for places they can dump their word spaghetti.

What are you interested in? My interests are turning toward watches and VR for some reason.

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