Why I’m not getting an iPhone 13

It seems there’s this recurring cycle in the Android and iPhone ecosystems, and that is with the announcement of a new device there are a slew of tech sites on which a blogger will give up a reason for not wanting the newest iPhone or Android. The goal is usually for content for the day, or perhaps to spur audience engagement by comments on said post where people disagree.

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What a bunch of things I’m not getting looks like

Remember kids, anyone who disagrees with you is the enemy and must be attacked. That’s internet 101 there.

The usual claim is there’s not enough new, they’re not going to be the guinea pig, some track history from a phone two or three years back that failed oddly, or company’s rumored association with another chip/device manufacturer that means something else is coming out in two months.

So I’m not getting an iPhone 13. Most of you probably know that’s because I don’t require the latest and greatest in iPhone technology. Probably anyone who reads this knows it’s also because I don’t hang out in Apple’s ecosystem much other than for a test phone and a couple of old iPads my kids use to watch YouTube Kids and Netflix on.

Sure, I had my reasons to be steadfast Android a while ago, still do, but for the most part as a consumer, my fairly new Android device does what I want at a speed I’m satisfied with. Satisfaction – the thing that ruined rooting phones for me. Really, Samsung’s Note 8 was my downfall, that thing did everything I wanted at a speed I wanted and had I stuck with HTC I would have continued on rooting and loving every minute of it.

Apple’s new black square thing has the ability to load the game I still don’t know why I’m playing all these years later slightly faster. The display on the 13 is about the same, although the system renders the text prettier. I don’t particularly care. I bet that camera software is better too… I just have to be more skilled.

Other than development platforms, and speed of hardware mods, I feel we’ve reached a point in Android / iOS / piece of glass that someone wrote on in pencil where the user experience has achieved the same level of annoyance.

The last thing I looked at Apple and thought “why don’t we have it,” arrived a couple of weeks later and yeah. Phones are phones. Google and Apple are both being pretty equitable levels of bad all around.

Should you want to prove me wrong, feel free to send me an iPhone 13, whatever the larger versions are as usually I sport an insane one. Also yes, I am probably making fun of a couple of blogs you’re thinking of right this moment.

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