My Fitbit Sense stopped charging (and probable reason)

So my Fitbit Sense has been on my mind while I wait for the embargo to lift on the other smartwatch I’ve been wearing along with it for the past few weeks. I noticed the other day it was extremely difficult to get it to charge, and today it just wouldn’t. Multiple chargers, multiple attempts, I could occasionally get it to start charging if I held it in a set way but usually not.

Cleaned the unit, got an alert that it was now slow charging, and decided since this was 4 months old to just go ahead and start yet another Google interaction. I’d reset, rebooted, changed chargers, I can’t stress that I thought I’d done all the groundwork for troubleshooting and assumed I had a bad watch. That doesn’t appear to be the case, at least that’s what I’m assuming. While troubleshooting with Fitbit support I noticed that one of the pins was significantly shorter than the rest.

Fitbit Sense charging thing

I hadn’t actually looked at it closely when I purchased the Fitbit, but a shorter pin didn’t really register with me. I made the mistake at this point of poking the pin, and it went right in and there’s no pulling it back out. Sigh.

They’re sending another one under warranty, which until it gets here it means I’ll only be wearing one smart watch… I know, horrors. I actually am attempting to put the Sense against another watch… probably have enough data but really did want to have a solid two weeks to compare.

As a note – you spot this, Fitbit support is just ON IT with saying “yup, we’ll send you a new charging cable” – I was impressed. More impressed when it gets here but you know…

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