Freedom Phone finally arrives (for some)

We discussed the Freedom Phone briefly about 309 days ago. Well, it appears it finally shipped.

TL;DR – how much are you paying just for a modified operating system that claims to preserve privacy, freedom, etc? About $330 over similar phones.

The phone’s hardware specs are out now, which is more than we had before.

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Notably the phone’s hardware appears to be pre-5G, the display is 1.12mp (for comparison an iPhone 13 is about 3, Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 Ultra 4.61,) there is no camera resolution or anything listed, 4 gigs ram, and otherwise everything you should expect from a phone priced under $170.

I mean look at this A03S here, $170. Better battery, display, same dual sim, camera specs listed (not in the FF specs I can find anywhere,) 2G fallback support, lighter, double the storage, probably the same CPU.

The Freedom Phone as currently priced sits at about $330 more than the cheapest phone (spec wise,) that was better that I could find.

$330 additional retail price per phone additional to have a couple of apps preloaded that you can install yourself, using, at least it it appeared, free and existing open source software that’s been branded.

Yeah. Right now the FF is protected by security through obscurity, but will be interesting to see what is on one of these things when developers and security researchers get them in hand.

Oh well… have fun with that.

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