Lordy Disqus, you need to fix some things

With the same process you can threaten someone’s life on YouTube without any consequences from Google, Disqus, the comment system we pay for, evidently allows spammers to post their spam with no site to site consequences as long as they delete it pretty quickly.

Deleted comments have no option to spam flag them. These accounts don’t get a spam flag if they’re quick. Only thing you can do is ban them from your site, which is a losing proposition.

image 12 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Posted comments, deleted later. Options are to go into each one and ban user, but not mark as spam

All the comments above were posted and live on Pocketables for a short amount of time because there’s no way for an account that doesn’t pay for the pro version to hold comments from spammers without also holding comment for everyone. We have enough problems with user engagement without adding waiting for someone to approve a legit comment.

The pro version is $1260 a year. For sites like ours that’s $15.75 a comment.

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Premoderation screenshot January 7, 2022
image 14 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Pricing as of January 7, 2022

I’m not even going to bother black barring the pictures of the adult oriented spam that’s been appearing that I pay $11 a month to get the joy of.

Holding comments from spammers, and basic new-commenter premoderation is something that any other forum software out there can do. It’s sad they’ve decided to only give these options to sites that pay $105 a month for a comment system. It seems like a spam-free Disqus would be an advertising opportunity for them.

“Hey look, we’re Disqus, we got rid of spam! Suck our Disqus spam! We’re Disqus!”

This spam, adult site spam, job spam, I see it on sites everywhere that use Disqus. It’s easily preventable, and the comment and delete without option to easily spam a user.

Give all sites the option that if someone has so many spam comments they can’t post on them, or that their comments are held. That or be known as the forum software that spammers love to post and delete comment on.

I’ll also note that after being told they had that option in the tweet linked above, and sending them a screenshot that no, that option doesn’t exist except for pro, they ghosted me on Twitter.

This was the day animated adult content was posted on Pocketables, I was a bit annoyed with them in case it doesn’t show.

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