I’m not a fan of 3M adhesive, did I mention?

I’ve mentioned in a few reviews I’m not a fan of 3M adhesives. I mean, I’m not a fan of most aftermarket solutions for cell phones that involve adhesive in general… I think gluing a product to your phone or case is not a particularly great solution in general. 3M just happens to be what all the adhesives I see in the cell phone world appear to use.

Yesterday while driving, car reporting 114 degrees F on the road (air temp was a little over 100f,) and my AC was struggling, I was reminded why I don’t like adhesives as a solution for anything: my car phone mount’s adhesive decided to just give up and my phone took a tumble.

Dash mount 3M adhesive that held from Dec 2020-July 2022. Not terrible, but also expected fail. Not expected fail while navigating in fairly busy traffic.

Did I mention the quick an random failure caused a car crash that shut down a major interstate? No? Good because that would be a lie to make the story more interesting. As it stands I just had to retrieve a phone from the floor and I missed out on a shortcut that Google was suggesting to avoid traffic. The lie sounded better.

So anyway kids, you see a product you like with adhesive as a solution, remember it’s going to pop off at some point.

I’m looking at you $24.99 products that glue to phones… make a mounting strap. They’re easy, can be removed and repositioned, and don’t suck. Dash mounts need suction cups as backups I guess. Not really sure the solution here but I can say a sticky pad is not it.

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