The new Pixel 7 series is available for pre-order now

It seems every Android blog in the world has jumped on everything possible about the Pixel 7 today… I was on what I’d consider a death march and managed to miss out on much of the fanfare the past couple of days, but let’s see on this… the 7 series is out with new phones, they’ve got colors, a new chip, claims of longer battery, more security, and better camera features.

Pixel 7 series available for pre-order now

Check… ok, that’s actually about it. Copied and pasted that from every other phone ever. Claims. I’m a bit interested in the 7 Pro, as it appears to be an upgrade from my S21 in terms of camera, but there’s not a whole lot compelling with the Google sphere at the moment still as I’ve got a line of products that keep requiring support that doesn’t really exist, and a Twitter feed that reminded me how much people felt like guinea pigs in several Pixel 6 scenarios.

If you get one and you like it, lemme know. I might be a late adopter here. My Pocketables millions after whatever hit the site the past 10 days don’t seem assured, and Google’s PR probably will never talk to me again after the Nest Wifi pieces

You can click here and read the marketing pieces on it – I’m not attempting to sell these and there’s too much vagueness and not enough testing… looks like a cool metal and glass rectangle that can do things. And that’s cool.

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