I took my MoGo 2 Pro projector about 5000 miles on a road trip

This is a story about nothing happening, and how that surprised me.

TL;DR – nothing bad happened, probably just me being surprised that mobile projectors really are. Sometimes I feel like the Olive Garden lady of tech.

I survived the era where you put a $2000 deposit down and rented a really cheap projector to attach to a computer via VGA cables, that if you shook you heard the sound of hundreds of dollars of repairs.

Something that surprised me when I took my MoGo 2 Pro projector on the family’s rather long trip across the United States was that with simple packing in a bag thrown into a backpack, nothing happened to it. Now, I didn’t drop it, or scrape it along the concrete, but it was in a backpack and occasionally got placed just wherever and crushed by a landslide of luggage. I’d feared, evidently without merit, that I would end up with a scratched lens, a focusing issue, or simply a dead unit.

I didn’t have anything special to pack the MoGo 2 Pro in, and I was in a rush as evidently crossing the country meant filling up a 2014 Honda Element to the gills with things coming from Nashville to Oregon (we were visiting a newborn niece and bringing 5 years worth of clothes and stuff). Every night on the trip out we’d grab everything that was valuable in the car and shove it into a hotel room, and every morning we’d hit the road early loading as quickly as possible and trying to pack the breakable electronics high.

Packing correctly never really happened, and nearly every time the entire car had to be rearranged due to snack bag not being in the right place, landslide, That bag with drinks and ice that was supposed to be waterproof evidently wasn’t, oh the entertainment bag is in the wrong spot, time to stop, the heavy bag that needs to be on the bottom we just had to get in because someone forgot something… great.

Eh, every night I’d wonder if it’d survived crushing, protected only by a Yelp! tote bag and, not every night, but it got looked at or used for something quick a few times, and it would work.

I was sure when I got home I was going to find problems with it, and on close inspection I could see the remote had pressure marks from the Yelp! bag. I’d positioned the thing on the way back in the spot where it shouldn’t be.

Yeah, nothing happened. The MoGo 2 Pro was packed in a bag with its charger and remote. I made sure the charger was on the non-lens side of the bag. Multiple re-packs (4 days out, 6 days back in?). Crushed with luggage. Yadda yadda.

I fired it up again this weekend and inspected the thing wondering how it had fared.

I’m not really sure if this is a testament to XGIMI, solid state projectors, or my awesome packing skills with a free tote bag, but whatever it is it survived… all my tech survived some of the longest driving days of my life.

And for all of that it got used for about an hour in Oregon as the only place along the trip I wanted to use it the hotel Wi-Fi sucked and so did cell reception. Womp womp. I had not preloaded anything onto the internal memory. My bad.

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