A night of tripping Bings

I had some issues with the Bing app yesterday where it was telling me to press a button to chat with it and when I did it would reload that same page… I’d initially only wanted to ask a simple question, but ended up looking at the differences between GPT 3.5 and GPT4. One of the things it mentioned was the ability to not only generate but process photos you uploaded.

That seemed cool and I asked how and it responded that I could press a button that looked like a camera…. there was no button that looked like a camera to me, but there was a pizza box with a hole in the center and that worked as the camera so oh well…

I uploaded a picture of my cat and asked it to describe what it saw. It got the cat and the sofa right, down to descibing the texture, but then it went on to describe a photo in the background of a family of four… the picture was the cat and a sofa and nonthing else.

Uploaded a picture of Salvador hanging out in a kitty carrier, it identified the items but said the kitty carrier had cat prints all over it. It was cammo print, but eh, one of the things might be mistaken for a cat.

I discovered it could compare the pictures and I asked if picture A’s cat was the same as in B and was told no (they were)… asked to take picture A and put that cat in a different situation and got Garfield basically, my cat is more of a Nermal.

I took a photo of myself and asked to to make me a superhero… I had missed the part about Bing’s privacy face blindness and it took a character from my T-Shirt and made it into a superhero.

Tried again today with two pictures of the same cat and managed to get that it’s comparing the text descriptions it’s generating. That was interesting.

I’m not rooting for Bing to fail, just last night I asked it multiple questions and got back an Ai dreaming of other things… today it’s talking about how wonderful my furbuckets must be to be with.

Between Bing and Bard I’ve become quite aware that using Ai, at least in its current state, involves a lot of oddness. Bing’s GPT-4 is starting to feel like GLaDOS whereas Bard is starting to behave like an 8 year old tasked with anything where it does a little and then just stops insisting it is done.

Interesting times… for the moment I solidly beat a computer on cat idefication…

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