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Want to get the latest Pixel Watch 2 update now but told there’s none available? Here you go.

If you’ve got a Pixel Watch 2 non-LTE version chances are right now you’re on the October update of the OS and probably in the next month or so it’s going to roll the December version out to you, however you might actually need this update now if, say you write a blog that deals with all things Android and gadgetry, or you’re a fitness blogger experiencing any of the bugs that the October release had.

So your first step is going to be swiping down on the watch face, going to settings (the cog,) and then system updates. You’ll get a message there that your system is up to date / no updates available and you know this is a lie Google is telling you to keep you behind everyone else. Just tap that message repeatedly. I kept tapping it for about a minute before it suddenly said the update was ready to install.

You’ll need your charger to complete the update.

Google Pixel Watch 2 finally ready to install the update that's been out for over a week

So yeah… just tap a lot. I don’t know what the minimum number of taps required is – I would suspect I tapped roughly 50 times in the minute or so I devoted to getting this updated. Near the end I was suspecting that it was bunk but bam… worked.

Thanks to TurboFool in this thread over on Reddit who posted that bit of advice.

I would suspect if you’ve been tapping more than two minutes it’s just not happening so really, make a plan to stop in case Google’s pulled the update off for some reason. As a sidenote, the Wi-Fi versions of the watch the last update was October, the LTE versions were November, both are the December update.

This may work for any Wear OS device, however I have only one and I just needed the update and jumped through a lot of hoops because Google’s evidently staggering the release windows.

And one more side note.. it’s almost 2024 and this still appears on the Fitbit website…

Still on the fitbit website Dec 20, 2023
Dec 20, 2023

Can we get a Google programmer to go and tap on that some to get the Flash off the servers?

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