In case you missed it: Bing Chat/Copilot available on non-edge browsers with no MS account

A while back Microsoft introduced Bing’s chat, which was ChatGPT4 along with DALL-E capabilities. They restricted it to Edge, and you had to have a Microsoft account. Looks like neither are the case any more as Copilot (what they’re calling it now) is accessible via Chrome, and without a Microsoft account.

And yes, I managed to miss that this happened.

Non-Microsoft accounts are limited to 5 turns in a chat as opposed to thirty, but it still works. I get 30 turns in Chrome now before having to reset to a new chat, but I don’t think there’s been much of anything I’ve asked that has gone near that to date. If you’re on an alternative browser and have logged in to your MS account you’re looking at the standard 30 turns per question session.

Copilot logo January 11, 2024

My discovery came about when trying to figure out why the Copilot key combo (Windows+c) was bringing up Microsoft Teams, which I don’t use and uninstalled.

Eh, it’s here and a little more open now. I can finally ditch Edge’s icon on my task bar, which was used solely for accessing that. Yeah yeah, I know it’s probably the superior browser now.

I asked Bing Chat / Copilot what it was, just because this article is incredibly short, and here’s what it said:

Copilot is a new AI-powered feature from Microsoft that aims to be your everyday companion for everything you do. Whether it is for life or work, Copilot can help you with a simple chat experience that can answer your questions in natural language, summarize content, customize settings, troubleshoot issues, connect across your preferred apps, and take action.

Copilot leverages the power of AI to boost your productivity, unlock your creativity, and help you understand information better. You can use Copilot to get smarter, more personalized answers from Bing, power your productivity with Microsoft 365, unlock your creativity with Bing Image Creator, and supercharge your experiences with generative AI.

Copilot is also integrated into Windows 11, the latest operating system from Microsoft. With Copilot on Windows 11, you can access your AI companion from anywhere on your PC, and enjoy a seamless and intuitive experience. Copilot can also help you with Windows 11 features, such as widgets, snap layouts, and Microsoft Teams.

Copilot is not only a consumer product, but also a business solution. Microsoft offers Copilot for various domains and scenarios, such as sales, education, healthcare, and gaming. You can also build your own copilots with Microsoft Copilot Studio and Microsoft Azure AI Studio, which are platforms that enable you to create custom AI applications and experiences with low-code or no-code tools.

Copilot is a revolutionary feature that brings AI to everyone, and empowers you to do more with less. With Copilot, you can work more productively, boost efficiency, find new growth opportunities, and shape the future of your business and life. Copilot is your everyday AI companion that is always ready to help.

Microsoft Copilot

As I needed a little under 500 words to make this a 600 word article, I asked for 500 words on what Bing was for the quote above.

Copilot answering that a 274 word output was 500
Wordcounter showing the word count at 274. WordPress agreed.

Neither WordPress’s built in word count nor WordCounter agree, so it appears Copilot/ChatGPT-4 is still hallucinating and lying whenever it’s asked to produce a set word count. Even in precise mode it returns that it’s 500 words but there are 350. *sigh*

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