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Google Home / Assistant seems to have forgotten how to turn my heating/cooling off

At my house I have two smart-managed heating and cooling devices. One is my Nest thermostat controlled central unit which is named “hallway” and the other is a split unit for the upstairs (named “Upstairs Theremostat”) because there’s just no way with the walls to get any sort of airflow up there.

Being as it’s spring / dead of winter / spring lately there’s been a lot of turning the heat on, off, and occasionally the AC on. Yesterday I walked in and the heat was on and it would have been better to just open a window so I said “hey google, turn off the hallway” and was told that device had not been set up yet. This was odd because I’ve been using it for literally years.

I asked what it heard and was told it heard “turn off the hallway”. Curious I asked what the hallway was set to and it returned what it was set to. I once again asked it to turn the hallway off and was told that device had not been set up yet. I went in and manually turned it off from the Nest thermostat and thought little about it that day.

It got *hot* upstairs last night with temperatures being about 80f. The downstairs was comfy, but there’s no way to recirculate the air and I turned the upstairs thermostat on to get the temp down and hold it. Once it’s down it turned itself to maintain mode but this morning I had no need to have it running today as when I get home I plan to fling open a window and slap a box fan in. I asked my little Google Home devices to turn off the upstairs thermostat and was once again told that that device had not been set up.

I once again asked what it heard just to make sure and it heard me correctly. I asked to change the temperature and that worked. It told me I could select heat, cold, eco and that worked. Turning off, not so much.

So I found the remote and turned it off.

Either way, both the Google-owned Nest, and the Cielo managed Blueridge controller, failed to be able to turn off.

This along with Assistant deciding to play a YouTube playlist called “white noise” when I ask the same damned thing I have asked for the past 4 years make it appear something is afoot at the local Circle K.

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