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Not getting notified of new text messages, but they’re there when you open Messages? Fix it! (maybe)

My oldest has one of my refurbished phones (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g) on a Mint plan. We’d basically gotten it after back to back school lockdowns where we ended up unable to get a vehicle into sight of the school during pickup times post terrorist event, and yeah. Thanks world.

tl;dr – settings, notifications, app notifications, locate messages, turn slider to on.

Anyway. Phone was set up and worked perfectly until yesterday when we noticed that although it was sending and receiving text messages just fine, there was no notification that any came in, and the icon never changed to include a message count or new message indicator.

Messages slider on app notifications

This of course caused drama as we were attempting to schedule a pickup and some other things and it just looked like we were being ignored. Eh, whatevs… I checked and the phone indeed was not showing incoming messages until you opened it up and then there they were. I checked to make sure background data was on, yup, notification sounds were on, yup, battery saver was off (may not be an issue,) but the app notification slider for Messages was off.

She has no idea how it got turned off, but since you can silence an app with a long press from in notification area (and a tap,) chances are it was a finger flub.

I don’t currently have her phone in hand, but on my phone the way to reach the place where you have to be to un-set a finger flub is settings, notifications, App notifications. You can change from “Most recent” to “Turned off” and locate things quickly there.

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