An odd day so far with the Pixel 8 Pro (clock, maps, DND, gmail)

My Pixel 8 Pro has been pretty solid lately, but this changed yesterday when my kid took it for a few minutes to play some YouTube videos on the ride home. I don’t think she had anything to do with it as the only thing she had done was disable Bluetooth (my car has a 3 second delay on Bluetooth audio which makes it completely useless for watching videos.)

When I got home I noticed it was in Do Not Disturb mode… huh, maybe kid accidentally hit that while trying to hit Bluetooth, so I disabled DND and noticed shortly that I could not tap to wake the phone. I could press the power button but tap to wake was no longer working. There was an icon that indicated navigation or driving mode was in effect but no way to spawn it, and I attempted to open maps and nothing. Just nothing would work map-related. Finally had to choose to switch programs, scroll way over and find maps, close it by swiping.

Things seemed to return to some normalcy and I didn’t notice anything else odd with the device yesterday, but today my alarm didn’t go off. I plan for things like this and have a backup alarm but after I got up the phone was face up, working, knew what time it was, and the alarm was set. It just didn’t go off. I decided it was time to reboot the phone.

Phone being rebooted I set to checking work email while the kids got ready for school only to find that I could not open emails, I could only select them, requiring me to manually close gmail and reopen it after which it appeared to work normally.

As it’s close to Pixel update time, I suspect Google has pushed something in advance.. that or my phone became possessed.

Of all the failings I’ve had with Google products, the alarm is a new one.

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