Samsung SPH-P9000: Ultimate convergence


Next year, folks in Korea are getting rid of their cell phones, UMPCs, and PDAs. Okay, not really, but Samsung’s new SPH-P9000 has its sights set on obliterating the gadgets and putting an end to gear bags and large pockets as well. The 30GB convergence device runs Windows XP Professional on an unspecified 1GHz processor and a measly 256MB of RAM, while sporting a 5-inch WVGA touchscreen, nifty fold-out QWERTY keyboard, and 1.3-megapixel digital camera. There’s also Mobile WiMAX for Internet connectivity and CDMA EV-DO for standard phone usage.

I’m definitely keeping my eye on this one and will holler when pricing and global availability are announced. In the meantime, check out more pics of the 5.6" x 3.7" x 1.2" marvel at AVING USA and Akihabara News.


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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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5 thoughts on “Samsung SPH-P9000: Ultimate convergence

  • Now that’s a cool portable mini/micro PC gizmo thingy. Yep needs more memory.. I wonder how badly the battery life is?

    Me likey… needs Wi-Fi.. not running no stinkin’ WiMAX around these here parts.. or WiBro either.. bet this is Korea only…. sadly…

  • If the price is right, I’m heading to Korea as soon as this little guy hits the streets!

  • Jenn, Expect to be willing to fork over your first born, 500 coconuts and the family water-buffalo.

  • “…and the family water-buffalo.”

    Not Betsy!! Damn that Samsung.

  • Avatar of GreatDane

    Same specs as the 2 year old OQO Model 1+ that is smaller, has a thumb keyboard, and costs about $1200 at present. Come on Samsung, you can do a lot better than this!


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