UREN V1 UMPC comes to U.S. as Jensen NVX3000PC

The most interesting thing about Jensen/Audiovox’s recent announcement of the NVX3000PC "Anyware" UMPC, other than the fact that it’s a rebranded Innowell UREN V1, is that it was actually already shown at CES 2007.


Based on the pictures AVING snapped back in January, it would appear that the NVX3000PC and the UREN were displayed side-by-side near Innowell’s equally horrifyingly named "Car Infortainment" booth.

Nothing seems to have changed since then, so the GPS-enabled devices still runs Windows XP and has a 7-inch display (800 x 480), 30GB hard drive, 256MB of RAM, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and SD card slot.


The NVX3000PC is steeply priced at $1500, but several retailers are already selling it for less. Beach Audio, for example, has tagged each of the four units it currently has in stock at $1170.

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3 thoughts on “UREN V1 UMPC comes to U.S. as Jensen NVX3000PC

  • Jenn!

    That’s some great digging you’ve done, I didn’t realize it’s been available from retailers for that long. Amazing what a little press release can do to drum up some interest.

  • Avatar of scott stanford

    is the ram upgradeable? 256 seems way too little these days.

  • Avatar of Ryah Harrison

    I just received this from Fry’ for 1,000. I was excited to get this today, but had a feeling I wouldn’t like it because of the lack of reviews. This thing has been out for a long time and no one seems to buy it. I can see why. NO computer should come with only 256 in RAM. This thing bogs down when running multiple applications. The navigation software is cheezy and the speaker quality is like something from the 70’s. I do like that it tells you the street name for an upcoming turn. Very cool indeed. With in the first hour it froze and I got the blue screen of death. Jensen doesn’t seem too excited about supporting this device. I wrote them 3 different times with software concerns and no one ever got back to me. Jensen doesn’t even provide a copy of it’s preloaded software. It’s not even available for download on their site. If the system crashes and you need to reinstall Jensen’s software… well, you’re out of luck!

    Stay away from this PC. It’s not even worth 500 dollars.


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