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Review: Noreve Creative ZEN leather case


If you read my Creative ZEN review but have been holding off on buying the player until ample protection for it became available, then it may be time to crack open your piggy bank. The leather tradition case from is here.





As with many of Noreve’s other leather cases, the ZEN case comes with the company’s exclusively designed swiveling belt clip system.



It includes a plastic belt clip, metal tab and screw, mini screwdriver, and Noreve button (for use when the belt clip is not installed). Installation and removal of the belt clip is quick and easy.


Noreve is renowned for its use of high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship; the leather tradition case for the ZEN only confirms and strengthens this reputation.




The cushioned leather is smooth, supple, and perfectly finished with no rough edges or crooked lines/stitches.



The case opens book-style and features cut-outs to allow easy access to all of the ZEN’s controls. There’s also a leather slip pocket to hold a spare SD/SDHC memory card.




The player slides easily into place from a large opening at the top and is held securely on all sides. The only way for the device to "accidentally" slip out is if it is turned upside-down and forcefully shaken out. Normal use of the case does not put the player into any kind of danger.


Once inside, every hardware control and port is fully accessible with no compromise. Take a look:







When the case is closed, all the ports located on the right side of the ZEN, as well as the mic hole at the top and reset pinhole at the bottom, can be reached.



The Noreve leather tradition case protects the Creative ZEN with understated elegance and style. Thoughtfully designed to enable full in-case use (every port and control is accessible) and equipped with an inside pocket to hold a spare SD card, the case comes in a rainbow of colors and is available from starting at $45.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Noreve Creative ZEN leather case

  • While on the Noreve subject, I got one of their hard drive cases to carry the accessories for my Advantage. I keep the phone and AC adaptor in the chest pocket of my jacket, but the USB cable and stereo bluetooth headset and its charger go in the hard drive case. Fast forward to when the weather’s too warm for a jacket and I’ll try to squeeze the AC adaptor in too, or empty everything out and just stick AC and phone in there…decisions decisions!

  • I never thought about that case for my Advantage! I’ve been using the coordinating mini pouch that came with the Vaio TZ carrying case for the past few months but am always on the lookout for better options. The top of the pouch is open, so I always have to make sure I don’t accidentally pick it up upside down and send the Advantage to the floor (I don’t think it would withstand a fall very well!). The hard drive case you have looks like a nice solution.

    I’ve been waiting for Vaja to come out with its Advantage case for what feels like forever. I’m beginning to think that forever is probably how long the wait will last!

  • I can wholeheartedly recommend Piel Frama’s case for HTC Advantage. No room for the AC adaptor, but I don’t really want it in the case anyways. Great looking case that does not add bulk but does add protection – in style :-)

  • That case is really nice, Bruno, but my Advantage doesn’t have the front camera (and the case has a cut-out for it, right?). Also, doesn’t the flap hanging over the screen get in the way?

    Since the X7510 was announced, I was sure that Noreve and Vaja would come out with something.

  • Jenn, yes, the cutout is there, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The flad does not really hang over the screen, it is certainly unobtrusive. I have been waiting for a case from Vaja for ages, but the Advantage has been out for nearly a year and Vaja still hasn’t released one…


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