Fujitsu LifeBook U810 less hackable than Apple MacBook Air

Fujitsu_u810_cansecwestThe Fujitsu U810 may also be less desirable, sure, but in the PWN 2 OWN hacking contest at the CanSecWest security conference this week, it was also less hackable than the MacBook Air. Well, perhaps less quickly hackable anyway, as the guy who walked away with the $10K prize and the compromised notebook only needed two minutes to get the job done.

None of the contestants were able to hack into the provided U810, MacBook Air, or Sony Vaio on the first day of the contest, when the rules were at their strictest, but as soon as the hackers were allowed to lure judges into opening attachments or visiting malicious websites, the MacBook Air found itself defenseless. Whether the U810 could have been hacked into just as easily is unknown.

[LinuxWorld via CrunchGear]

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6 thoughts on “Fujitsu LifeBook U810 less hackable than Apple MacBook Air

  • Avatar of A. Davis

    It should be noted that you’re mixing your apples and your oranges. The h/w was never hacked. The OPERATING SYSTEM was hacked. If that Fujitsu were able to run Mac OS X it could’ve been hacked just as easily as the MBA was since it was done through a Safari compromise. For that matter, a Windows PC running Safari could also probably be hacked, but I’m not sure this particular exploit would apply in this case. It should also be noted that the hacker that won wanted the MBA so he assaulted it first. Perhaps it would be better to say that the MBA was more desirable, therefore it was compromised first. But in fairness, the h/w had nothing to do with it. It was a browser exploit.

  • Oh my, I didn’t mean to imply that any of the notebooks were literally pried apart or sawed in half!

    Since just about every other site that ran the story used the words “MacBook Air hacked” (versus “Safari hacked”) in the headline and the MBA is beyond the scope of this site, I zeroed in on the U810 angle. I thought it was interesting that the UMPC was put into the same pot as the MBA and the Vaio TZ and that even though the point of the contest wasn’t to see how long it took for each system to be hacked, the MBA was compromised first. Yes, as the first sentence of the post indicates, the U810 was not as desirable as the MBA to the contestants and perhaps it could have been hacked into just as easily (as stated in the final sentence), but the outcome of the contest and the attention-grabbing aspect of the headline for most people is that the MBA was hacked.

    It really was just a contest between OS X, Ubuntu (running on the Vaio), and Vista Ultimate, but it was the hardware they were installed on that grabbed most people’s attention.

    Sorry for the confusion. :-)

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    I’m disappointed that reports focus on ‘the amazing speed with which the Mac was hacked..!’ when it’s obvious the fellow came in with the exploit in hand and merely… well… exploited it.

    I’m pleased IE7 is less hackable than its sieve of a predecessor, but sorry that in the name of sensationalizing the story, reports make it seem like Safari’s ready to claim the title from IE6 as “History’s Most Assaultable App!”

    I’ve not read details of the hack — not sure anyone has — but it’d be interesting to know if Safari on Vista would be as vulnerable or if the hack leverages safari to attack the underlying OS in a way Vista somehow prevents/is protected against.

  • wtf – this is inaccurate – everyone wants to see Mac OS X a unix based OS get hacked. Everyone knows MS windows is the most vulnerable os in the mainstream.

    I use linux so I never get hacked.. lol


  • Vlad: What exactly makes the articla inaccurate?


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