Review: U2O iWalk battery packs for iPhone/iPod touch


Looking for a better way to keep your iPhone/iPod touch running longer? Then check out the U2O iWalk external battery packs (800mAh and 5400mAh) from Ultimate Travel Gear.

Not only do the batteries provide extra power for the Apple devices, they're compact and stylish as well. Form and function sound great, but are they worth their £16.99 and £44.95 prices? Read my full review to find out.


Quick Specs

Neither battery has a particularly unique or memorable name.

CMC608 CMC403
800mAh li-ion 5400mAh li-ion
2.4" x 1.2" x 0.7" 4.2" x 1.6" x 0.9"
1.2 ounces 5.2 ounces
£16.99 £44.95

Based on the packaging, the smaller one (model CMC608) is called "External Backup Battery for iPhone & iPod," while the larger one (model CMC403) is called "Battery Pack for iPhone." There's no chance of mistaking one for the other in the photos, but I'll refer to them by their battery capacity to differentiate them even further in this review.


The iWalk products are sturdy and actually rather stylish for battery packs. Both are fashioned out of glossy black plastic accented with silver trim and LED indicators. Build quality is excellent, and the units feel very "substantial" in the hand.


The 800mAh battery can be attached to a keychain or bag using the strap on the removable cap. The cap protects the battery connector, which plugs in directly to the bottom of the iPhone/iPod touch, and makes the pack easy to pocket.



The 5400mAh battery is significantly larger than the 800mAh pack, but it's still compact and can be carried around without much trouble. Unlike the smaller battery, this one does not have a built-in connector because it's compatible with more than just the iPhone and iPod touch (see "Function" section below for more details).






The difference in battery capacity between the two iWalk packs is so great that the units' intended usage scenarios are understandably varied as well. Both products can obviously be used to charge and power the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and first- and second-generation iPod touches; however, each could be said to be "better" than the other in certain situations.


The 800mAh pack, for example, is ideal for daily use and in case of emergencies. It doesn't have enough juice to fully charge an iPhone/iPod touch, but it's suitable for enjoying a few more hours of media playback, gaming, and internet time when you're away from a computer or wall outlet.

The battery pack charges through the cable supplied with the iPhone/iPod touch, so it's fairly self-contained. You don't need a separate charger or a cable to connect the battery to the device; everything is built in.


The 5400mAh battery, on the other hand, requires a few add-ons. In fact, many of these "extras" are already included in the box.


The AC adapter (UK plug included) is needed to charge the iWalk and the retractable USB/DC cable is needed to connect the battery to other cell phones, MP3 players, and portable electronics. An iPhone/iPod touch can be plugged in using the original cable supplied with the device or with the retractable cable included with the iWalk.

This battery pack isn't as "independent" as the smaller 800mAh unit, but the add-ons make it more versatile and powerful. It's ideally suited for weekend getaways and longer trips because it has more than enough capacity to fully charge a depleted iPhone/iPod touch several times (not to mention your other gadgets as well).



Iwalk_fit (2) 

The 800mAh iWalk fits onto the iPhone/iPod touch just as well as the original proprietary cable, so it only takes a second to make the connection and begin charging the device.

Iwalk_fit (3) 

Iwalk_fit (4) 

Likewise, the 5400mAh battery pack is simple to connect to the iPhone/iPod touch too. Using the device while it's charging is a bit more cumbersome because of the cable, but it's easy enough to work around, especially when the supplied cable is fully retracted or the original cable is left long and loose.


The iWalk battery packs by U2O are fantastic companions when traveling with the iPhone and/or iPod touch. Designed to suit the needs of various types of mobile users, both products look great, are built well, and do everything you'd expect an external battery to do: power and charge a device.


The 800mAh and 5400mAh batteries are both available from Ultimate Travel Gear for £16.99 and £44.95, respectively.

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