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Even though the Nokia N900 is only available for preordering right now and it has barely been a week since Jenn pointed out its presence on the website, there has already been a nice price drop. Apparently any N900 fans out there who like the idea of saving nearly 10% on their shiny new toy can do just that, with the Maemo 5-based slider now coming in at a penny short of $589.

Considering that ordering from Nokia USA could cost quite a bit more once sales tax is figured in, this seems like a great deal from Amazon, assuming they are able to fulfill orders quickly after release. Of course, the free Bluetooth headset is still being offered on preorders through Nokia, but that doesn't do anything for me given how inexpensive BT headsets are these days. I don't know about everyone else, but I am about ready to pull the trigger on this one, because I've been waiting for a replacement for my N800 for much too long now

With a price drop even before release, could it drop even lower in the next few months?

[Nokia N900 @ Amazon]
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