User manual suggests Fujitsu UH900 was originally a convertible


One of the biggest complaints about the Fujitsu UH900, or the LOOX U/G90 as it's known in Japan, has to do with its 5.6-inch screen. Yes, it supports multitouch and has a higher-than-average resolution of 1280 x 800, but why doesn't it swivel and fold down like that of its mini convertible predecessors, the U810 and U820?

Well, based on what I just found on page 15 of the user manual that a reader (and past guest contributor) emailed me, the UH900's screen probably was supposed to be of the swiveling kind.

Take a look at the screen capture. See anything strange?

The reason this section caught my eye while I was skimming through the manual in the first place is the section header: Using the System as a Tablet. I wanted to know how Fujitsu expected people to use a clamshell device as a tablet, so I read on.

The cautionary message warns users to make sure they position the display perpendicular to the keyboard to prevent the keyboard or display cover from getting scratched. Wait, what? How else would we position the display? How and why could the keyboard or display cover (meaning the back of the screen) get scratched?

Now look at the numbered steps below the warning. Step 1 basically reiterates the warning, but look at Step 2. "When the display is perpendicular to the keyboard . . . period." Uh, where's the rest of the instruction? What are we supposed to do after the display is in the correct position? If I had to venture a guess, I'd say swivel the screen, and I'm sure you would too.

The instructions don't continue (the next page is just about how to adjust screen brightness), so it looks like whoever was in charge of editing over at Fujitsu remembered to remove what was likely a drawing of the UH900 in full tablet mode but forgot to get rid of all the corresponding text (or at least make Step 2 a complete sentence!).

For what it's worth, then, the Fujitsu UH900 most likely should've been a mini convertible just like the rest of the U series.

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