Viliv N5 looks like yet another winner

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Since I know Jenn likes to leave the 10-inch devices to other sites, I had to find a way to sneak a photo of one onto Pocketables, and I finally figured out how. Since these two Viliv's were side-by-side and not bolted down, it was easy.

Resting atop the S10 blade is the hot little N5 that many of you wanted me to check out, and check it out I did. While the display devices were functional, they were missing the touchscreen that will be on shipping units. There is a glossy overlay over the screen and bezel, similar to a MacBook Pro. The N5 has the typical great Viliv build quality we are used to, as well as the bottom-mounted battery like the S5. The exterior is covered in a nice soft-touch finish, and the screen opens and closes with a satisfying click.

Compared to the UMID BZ and the Fujitsu UH900, this would be my first choice. It shares a similar location for the trackpad and buttons to the UH900, but the N5 actually has its mouse buttons on the top left corner of the keyboard.

This will be carried by Dynamism here in the US, and look for Jenn to get her hands on a review unit in the very near future too.

:: Live at CES 2010 with my iPhone 3GS ::

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Chris King

Chris King is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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10 thoughts on “Viliv N5 looks like yet another winner

  • No mention of any kind of usb port? Or Sd card slot?

  • Too bad the screen is so small. An extra-wide 7-inch screen fit into the same cover would have been a bullseye for me.

  • Avatar of Xeffy

    Is the keyboard on the n5 comfortable to use? Is it better than uh900, mbook 2?

  • Yes, the N5 keyboard is very nice, with more key travel than most devices this size. I would rank it and the UH900 as the better of the group, because the UMID’s keys are smaller.

  • Does that mean normal USB in either host or link?

  • It has one full-size USB port for a mouse, keyboard, etc. Then it also has a MiniUSB port so the N5 can be used as an external drive to transfer files back and forth.

  • Thanks Chris, apprecciate the uopdate. This looks like the one so far!

  • Avatar of endoflife

    Finally: a viliv UMPC running an OS that is not end of life. That is the only–and I mean only–thing that kept me from jumping on the s5 when i saw its displays at CES. I’m still giddy over their slate (if installing Win7 doesn’t void warranties; waiting for some confirmation from viliv about that) but I am sorely tempted to grab this instead if the screen is touch when shipped.

  • If it is real pocketable, i would look for a sliding keyboard for a device like this. It got the touchscreen, so the device could be used immediately you take it out of the POCKET and use it with the touch screen and if key pad is required could silde it down. Otherwise to use this device everytime you have to really open it to use it,even if you don’t need the keypad not a conveniance for pocketable device. Thanks


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