Quick look: EnergiStick Micro-USB key ring battery by Energizer

Energizer_3 It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, every mobile device seemed to have its own proprietary AC adapter or charging cable with the typical barrel connector. When the Mini-USB connector came out, it was a perfect match for the 5V that many small handhelds require, plus it was a true standard any company could use.

With our mobile devices becoming smaller and thinner by the year, a new standard was necessary, so Micro-USB was born. Looking at my collection, the Nexus One, Nokia N900, and Sprint MiFi all share this same type of charging port, and I routinely rotate a variety of chargers. But what happens when I start to run out of juice while out and about?

Now I can whip out my keys and use the Energizer EnergiStick Micro-USB key ring battery, which I found the other day at my local Best Buy for around $20. I already have the ZAGG Sparq external battery that works well, but this new EnergiStick is so tiny and unobtrusive that it’s easy to carry with me at all times for that quick burst of power.

I’ve taken a few pictures of the small battery in use on my N900 and MiFi, so follow after the break to check them out and see if this little gem is something that would make a nice addition to your travel kit.


The EnergiStick comes precharged out of the package, so once it’s plugged into a compatible device, the green indicator light will come on to let you know it’s charging. The lithium-polymer battery is rated at 500mAh, which is roughly one-third the capacity of many popular smartphones, so it won’t provide a full charge, but just enough to prolong those long phone calls or web browsing sessions.

The packaging claims up to 80 hours of extra standby time or up to 60 minutes of extra talk time, but conditions may vary. One nice feature is the ability to do pass-through charging, making it very handy to use one charger to handle the EnergiStick and mobile device at the same time. While charging, the LED indicator light turns red, and the battery can be charged hundreds of times before it needs replaced.

The key ring cord is easily detachable, and the battery has been designed to provide plenty of clearance between the male Micro-USB port and the actual battery housing. This allows for easy use without having to remove any hardshell or silicone cases from most mobile devices.


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