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HTC EVO 4G already rooted [Updated]


Thank goodness for Google I/O!

If attendees at last week's conference weren't gifted free HTC EVO 4Gs with a month of service, I wouldn't have mine on its way to my front door right now and Matt Mastracci wouldn't have what is probably the world's first rooted EVO.

Yes, a mere twelve days before the official release of the HTC EVO, the handset has already been rooted. Matt isn't releasing any details on the hack just yet [Update 6/2: Instructions now available], but he's posted some screenshots to show us the fruits of his three-person team's labor after a few hours of effort to whet our appetites (and of course tease us).

He's also uploaded an annotated YouTube video (embedded below) demoing how the standard su tool prompts the user and allows full root on the EVO.

What Matt and the gang will do next is anyone's guess [Update 5/30: Froyo, of course – see new video below], but I know I'll be watching them very closely.

And here it is running Froyo.

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3 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G already rooted [Updated]

  • Looks like the legendary Shadowmite is still at it..

    He’s the guy that back in the day of the Treo 650 (has it really been over 6 years?) was able to get BT DUN working, along with Palm’s SDIO WiFi card and custom ROMs.

    Sprint always had the best phones before anyone else, and it looks like they’re trying to get back to that.

  • OMG ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shadowmite!!!!!!!!!! He made the Treo 650 what it should have been out the box! Good to know he’s still making phones do what it do!!!


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