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Dell Streak stand options

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Since the Dell Streak isn't equipped with a kickstand, users are left to come up with their own ways to keep the device in an upright position while doing things like using a Bluetooth keyboard or watching videos. Some may turn to their toolboxes to build something from scratch, while others (like me) will go on a scavenger hunt to see what can be found at home.

Here's what I found at mine.

Dell-streak-stand (2) 

The device stand that came with my Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard works pretty well.

Dell-streak-stand (3) 

Dell-streak-stand (4) 

Dell-streak-stand (5) 

Dell-streak-stand (6)

It can be positioned in two ways and folds down flat so I can store it with the keyboard, which came with a black leather zippered pouch. It's designed for use with much smaller PDAs, so I only use it when connecting my Streak to a keyboard. I don't trust it as a place for the Streak to hang out in when it's not being used, especially because the stand is cracking in several places.

Dell-streak-stand (7) 

What I do use to rest the Streak in during its downtime is this business card holder. I have one in black but use this silver one because I like the way it looks with the device.

Dell-streak-stand (9) 

Dell-streak-stand (8) 

Dell-streak-stand (11) 

Dell-streak-stand (10) 

The Streak can sit in the card holder even when it's upside down (third and fourth photos directly above), but I keep it right-side up so there's no chance of it sliding/falling out. It kind of looks like a lounge chair from the side.

Dell-streak-stand (12) 

And speaking of lounging, here's a small beanbag that's marketed as a gadget holder. A friend sent it to me a month or so ago and although I think he meant it as a joke, I have plopped a few devices into it. iPhones work the best (I believe these beanbags are made for them) but the Streak can sit in it too.

Dell-streak-stand (14) 

Dell-streak-stand (13) 

It isn't very stable and could probably topple over pretty easily, so it isn't a viable solution.

Dell-streak-stand (15) 

The last thing I found at home is this foldable wooden plate stand.

Dell-streak-stand (17) 

Dell-streak-stand (16) 

Not the best looking alternative at all, but it works and would be better than nothing if I couldn't find anything else.

Dell-streak-stand (18) 

Another option and something I occasionally do is to just lean the Streak against whatever computer I'm using. I have a lot of small computers because of my work at Pocketables, so sometimes it's just easier to put the Streak on one of them.

What are you using to keep the Streak off its back? The GoGoStand and maybe some other iPhone-designed stands could be worth looking into.

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