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Review: HTC EVO 4G gel cover (official silicone skin)

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There will probably be countless silicone skins for the HTC EVO 4G in the coming weeks/months, but the only one bearing the HTC branding on the back is the Gel Cover being sold for $14.99 at Sprint stores across the country.


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Design & Quality

Unlike the silicone sleeve from Radio Shack, the Gel Cover features separate cutouts for the EVO's dual-LED flash, rear camera, and speaker.

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The silicone is thick and has a soft finish that provides absolutely no grip. The case slides very easily so unless you've got a pretty firm hold on it, it'll fall to the ground. It also leaves behind a slight powder-like residue on your hands as it slides. I don't know if this will wear off over time but I've had the case for several days now and it still feels like it just came out of the package.

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The cutouts for the EVO's ports are clean and have smooth edges. The volume rocker and power button do not have cutouts; those controls are "built into" the Gel Cover.

Dust and other debris have a tendency to stick to silicone cases, and this one is no exception. The good news is that the powdered finish on the back makes cleaning everything off really easy. It takes a little more effort to keep the seam and edges around the volume/power buttons clean.


As with most silicone skins, this one fits the HTC EVO like a glove.

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Dust accumulating under the skin could be a problem over time, but the case comes off and can be put back on so easily that it's not really a big deal.

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The skin adds about 2mm to the EVO's thickness (the same amount as the Body Glove case) and is "high" enough to protect the EVO's screen and camera lens from scratches when placed on a flat surface.  


There's not a whole lot to say about the Gel Cover for the HTC EVO 4G other than that it fits well and is made of a thick, high quality silicone that's detrimentally smooth. If you don't hold on tight, you'll be testing how well the case protects the EVO when it falls to the ground in no time.

Sprint sells this case in several colors for $14.99 each.

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