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Review: HTC EVO 4G leather carrying case

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The most popular HTC EVO accessory at the Sprint stores here in Hawaii is the official leather carrying case ($29.99). It was sold out at several locations on launch day and appears to be in very limited supply elsewhere.

The pouch appears to be the only HTC-branded leather case that will be offered for the EVO, so if you prefer official accessories to third-party ones and you're looking for something in leather, then this is it.


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Design & Quality

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HTC's leather carrying case for the EVO has a slightly weather-beaten look that makes it look a bit old even when it's new. I prefer smooth leather with a hint of sheen (as found on Noreve cases and even the Case Logic case that can be used with the EVO), so I personally don't care for the coarse grain and dull finish of this case. But that's just me.

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That being said, the leather is soft and of good quality. It has a decorative arch on the flap with the HTC logo imprinted in a slightly recessed area below it, which gives it some interesting detail.

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The case is well made and features even stitching, a soft suede lining, a magnetic closure, and a non-removable belt clip.

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One thing this leather case doesn't have is a slim profile; it just about triples the EVO's thickness.


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The EVO fits nicely into the case, but it's difficult to remove quickly when wearing it on a belt. There really isn't a whole lot to grab onto from that angle, so you'll most likely need to push it up from the bottom cutout with your fingers, use your thumb to keep the EVO from falling out, and then readjust your hand to pull it out of the case. You definitely won't be playing "quick draw" with this.

Another issue I see with this leather case is that the magnetic closure isn't very strong. The top flap needs to be pushed down deliberately to ensure that the case is closed and of course the lightest touch on the bottom of the flap opens it up. Because of the way the case is designed to be worn, there's little chance of the EVO falling out when you're walking around, but the magnets are still weak.


Since this is the only HTC-branded leather case for the EVO 4G being sold at Sprint stores right now, I can understand why it's been so popular. Take availability out of the equation, however, and I don't think many people would be impressed with it. All of the top-tier leather gadget case manufacturers like Vaja, Noreve, and Piel Frama aren't making EVO cases yet, but those will be the ones to beat once they exist.

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In the meantime, if the Case Logic leather case isn't official enough for you, then you're going to have to settle for this bulky pouch that doesn't close very well or make it easy to remove the EVO from. It isn't the worst leather case ever by any means, but it's far from the best.

The HTC leather carry case is available now from Sprint for $29.99.

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16 thoughts on “Review: HTC EVO 4G leather carrying case

  • Two more flaws with this case design.

    1) No cutout for a headphone jack. Can’t listen to music with a wired headphone while on the go.
    2) No cutout for the USB charging connector. Not as critical as #1, but it would be nice to be able to charge the phone without taking it out of the case.

    It’s bad form for HTC to put their brand on a belt clip case with such poor functionality for their own phone. I’ll be waiting for another version my another manufacturer.

  • Thanks for the review and nice pics Jenn. Could you please check how well the HD2 fits in the case. I am thinking of getting the case for my Hd2 as to me it looks very nice. It reminds me of the beautiful original case for the HTc Shift…….

  • Jenn, does the EVO fit while also in the Seidio/Platinum hard case?

    As for the covered ports, a hole punch or a quick visit to a shoe repair shop might fix that.

  • Avatar of iPhoneCONVERT

    I was looking for a leather case for my EVO + Platinum Case (from BestBuy)…..
    Found one today at RadioShack that fits the Evo with the case (which I am assuming is a rebranded Seidio case).

    Unfortunately, this wasn’t available at launch so I missed out on the 15% off deal RS was doing, but at least I have it.

    It is snug at first, but I am sure after a few days of in and out usage. The flap closes completely and the EVO sits very nicely in the case.

  • I just read the review of the Body Glove which I also purchased day one. I also purchased the leather case. Yes, when you first put in the Body Glove (haven’t tried Seidio Innocase yet) the flap for the leather case doesn’t close. But like any other leather phone case I have had, the leather case stretches. I only took less than I day for the case to stretch by putting the phone in and out, and kept pushing the phone as far down in the case as possible. I am using both together now with no problems. The leather case still looks new and the flap stays closed with no problems. I put it in my front pocket and feel good with both protecting the device. I love Seidio, but I heard that is it a little loose on top and bottom, because of no felt to keep it secure up and down there. Which is better Seidio or Body Glove?

  • I have this case I bought from htcpedia and I love it. I had a chance to check the htc case sold over at sprint and for some reason it looks and feels very rough to me. The flap on my case is great and closes in a snap, whereas the one being reviewed needs a push to close properly.

  • wish we had some side by side pics .. to see if one is really thinner then the other

  • can u listen to music via your headphones with this case u bought at htcpedia?

  • I have the HTC leather side case and love it. It can fit the EVO without a case, or with a Seidio Innocase on the phone.

  • Avatar of Alan Archer

    What is the warranty on the case? I can’t find it anywhere in the system.



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