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Review: TPU case for HTC EVO 4G

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If you didn't think it was possible to get an HTC EVO case for less than $5, then you clearly haven't seen the dual-finished TPU Style Case.

Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, is a great material for a case because it's like a cross between a silicone skin/gel and a hard case. TPU won't crack like the latter, and it won't get covered in lint like the former. It's a thick plastic that's flexible, durable, and resistant to oil/grease.

The TPU Style Case for the EVO normally retails for $4.95, which is already an excellent deal, but EVO CASES (the retailer) was kind enough to provide G&E with a coupon code that slashes the price to just $3.45 plus shipping.

Design & Quality

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The TPU case has a smooth matte back and glossy sides/front. It features individual cutouts for everything on the back (LED flash, camera, speaker, kickstand), the mic and ports on the bottom, and the headphone jack at the top. Like many skin/gel-style cases, this one keeps the power and volume buttons covered.

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The design is nice and the material is good, but mine has some quality issues. The most noticeable one is that extra lump of TPU in the top corner shown above. I don't mind those small bits of dangling plastic that are often found at the seams of skins/gels (which this case has) since they can usually be torn off; this thing, however, is a bona fide lump. It's unlikely that all of the cases have this extra protrusion, but I suppose it's something to watch for.

My case also came with some scuff marks on the glossy edges.


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The TPU case is slim and fits onto the EVO quite nicely. Installation and removal are easy (focus on the corners when doing either task), but the smooth back is slippery, making accidental slippage from the hand to the ground a real possibility.

Evo-tpu-case (8)


It isn't without its flaws but for the price, the TPU Style Case for the HTC EVO is an incredible value.

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The case is available now at EVO CASES. To get the special $3.45 price, use coupon code goodandevo during checkout.

Many thanks to Jeff for providing the case to G&E for review!

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