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Review: TPU case for HTC EVO 4G

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If you didn't think it was possible to get an HTC EVO case for less than $5, then you clearly haven't seen the dual-finished TPU Style Case.

Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, is a great material for a case because it's like a cross between a silicone skin/gel and a hard case. TPU won't crack like the latter, and it won't get covered in lint like the former. It's a thick plastic that's flexible, durable, and resistant to oil/grease.

The TPU Style Case for the EVO normally retails for $4.95, which is already an excellent deal, but EVO CASES (the retailer) was kind enough to provide G&E with a coupon code that slashes the price to just $3.45 plus shipping.

Design & Quality

Evo-tpu-case (9) 

Evo-tpu-case (10) 

Evo-tpu-case (4) 

The TPU case has a smooth matte back and glossy sides/front. It features individual cutouts for everything on the back (LED flash, camera, speaker, kickstand), the mic and ports on the bottom, and the headphone jack at the top. Like many skin/gel-style cases, this one keeps the power and volume buttons covered.

Evo-tpu-case (6) 

The design is nice and the material is good, but mine has some quality issues. The most noticeable one is that extra lump of TPU in the top corner shown above. I don't mind those small bits of dangling plastic that are often found at the seams of skins/gels (which this case has) since they can usually be torn off; this thing, however, is a bona fide lump. It's unlikely that all of the cases have this extra protrusion, but I suppose it's something to watch for.

My case also came with some scuff marks on the glossy edges.


Evo-tpu-case (12)

Evo-tpu-case (5)

Evo-tpu-case (3)

Evo-tpu-case (7)

The TPU case is slim and fits onto the EVO quite nicely. Installation and removal are easy (focus on the corners when doing either task), but the smooth back is slippery, making accidental slippage from the hand to the ground a real possibility.

Evo-tpu-case (8)


It isn't without its flaws but for the price, the TPU Style Case for the HTC EVO is an incredible value.

Evo-tpu-case (2)

The case is available now at EVO CASES. To get the special $3.45 price, use coupon code goodandevo during checkout.

Many thanks to Jeff for providing the case to G&E for review!

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18 thoughts on “Review: TPU case for HTC EVO 4G

  • your promo code does not work

  • sorry yes it does, thanks

  • I ordered one of these a week ago and have to say for <$5 shipped it was a steal. My only complaint is that the power and volume buttons lose responsiveness behind the skin, but I figure with a few hundred miles of usage will get easier.

  • Avatar of Doug Knisely

    I ordered one and like it so much that I bought two more (trying both colors) as spares and for experimentation. The excess material that you mentioned seems to be on all of them and can easily be trimmed away with a sharp knife.

    The big problem is that the buttons, especially the power button, are almost impossible to press through the case. However, if you put a layer of tape (or two) inside the case under the buttons, it solves the problems pretty well. I used gaffer tape.

    The huge advantage of these cases is that the rim around the camera provides very good protection. This is the only case that I’ve been able to find where I feel comfortable without adding some other camera protection.

  • Doesn’t look like it does much for impact resistance, only scratch protection. I’ll pass.

  • They offer PayPal and Google checkout?

    My total was $5.18 through Paypal. I’ll give it a shot for $5.

  • $5.18 shipped, I’m trying it out. I like to mix up my cases from time to time :)

  • Daamn, Khassy, what’s with all the knee-jerk criticism? I’ve seen some of your other replies. How ’bout designing your own ideal case — like a bubble-wrap lined, hermetically sealed titanium chamber, perhaps?

  • Just ordered one, used promo discount code just fine, final cost $5.18, paid via PayPal with no problems or hitches. Will post back when I get my case to play with. :)

  • PayPal and Google Checkout are both encrypted payment options and the only two offered at

    If you prefer to use your credit card without going through paypal or google, is a secure, encrypted site which also offers the case.

    No oversites… security basics are covered.

  • Hmm… my previous reply didn’t go through.

    I don’t need to design my ideal case. Seidio makes what I consider the best case available, the Active case. Great protection and very stylish. I’m not a cheapskate and am willing to pay a reasonable price to protect an expensive device.

    The case reviewed here is not very protective and is shoddily made, which is obvious from the photos. You get what you pay for. Pay for a crappy case and that’s what you will get. I don’t understand paying a couple of hundred dollars for something, then cheaping out when it comes to protecting the investment.

  • Avatar of SilverZero

    Jenn, I think the bump on the top corner is a design flaw. Mine has a similar bump. It must be where the mold is injected or something. As for the button press troubles, one or two layers of electrical tape (or gaffers tape) on the underside of the button molds help a lot.

    I think it’s a great case!

  • I have the Active case and it is definitely going to protect the case more from an accidentally drop… mostly because the hard plastic skeleton is going to provide more impact resistance on the corners.

    But for $5 this really is not a “shoddy” product. It fits the EVO perfectly and I like the matte finish on the back. It adds noticeably less size to the EVO than the Active case. If you are just concerned about protecting your device from scratches and small bumps this would fit the bill perfectly.

    Seidio products are overpriced IMO. They are somewhat reasonable on Amazon but I do not feel many of their products are worth their advertised price.

  • Ok, got my case today. It fit ok, but didn’t like my ZAGG InvisibleShield protection on the front. Tried to peel of the edges. Mine has the bump also, no big deal to me. No problem with volume buttons power button. Doesn’t want to quite snap over the left edge, but that might be caused by the ZAGG surface on the front.

  • Avatar of Dave Boyd

    I received my case yesterday and it fits nicely. I did have a few extra lumps of TPU, but a sharp knife smoothed them down nicely. It is harder to power the phone on and off with this bumper on, but I guess that is the price you pay for the extra padding and protection. The code worked great during ordering. Thanks for the info.

  • i cannot access this link. i think the site must have changed names or something. is there any other place where i can get this case?


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