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How to change ring modes on Dell Streak without using settings

Streak-howto-vol (1)If you’re new to Android, then you might think that the only way to switch between the ring, silent, and vibrate modes on the Dell Streak is through the settings menu.

While this is the standard method, it can certainly be a little tedious, especially when you want to silence the device quickly. Adding a “Sound & display” settings shortcut to the home screen is a better way to do it, yes, but it’s still less than ideal.

Fortunately, as with other Android devices, there are three ways to quickly change ring modes on the Streak without going into the settings menu.

Method 1

1. Install a ring mode widget from Android Market. There are many to choose from and they all have the same basic functionality, so pick whichever one you like best. I used Stark Technology’s RingMode widget on my HTC EVO before it got updated to Android 2.2 (I use the new ringer profile widget now), but others are fine too.

Streak-howto-vol (5) 

2. Add the widget to your home screen by tapping the Menu button (or long pressing the screen) then tapping Add -> Widgets -> [name of your widget].

3. Tap on the widget to switch between ring modes.

Method 2

1. Long press the Streak’s power button.

Streak-howto-vol (4) 

2. Tap the “Silent mode” option to turn the sound on/off. Note that vibration is enabled in silent mode (i.e., there aren’t separate silent and vibrate modes).

Method 3

1. Hold down the volume down button (don’t forget it’s backwards in landscape if you’re using the leaked 2.1 update). The volume will quickly decrease and then be turned off completely.

Streak-howto-vol (2) 

2. Press the volume up button once to switch to vibrate mode.

Streak-howto-vol (3) 

3. Press the volume up button again to get back into ring mode and adjust the volume normally.

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