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Review: PDair vertical pouch for HTC EVO 4G

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The only kind of case I personally use on any device, not just the HTC EVO, is a pouch. I don't like play-through cases because they cover the hardware, alter the feel of the gadget, and add bulk. Pouches offer protection from anything menacing in my purse while still allowing "naked use," which is exactly what I want.

Enter the PDair vertical pouch for the EVO. Unlike the other leather pouches I've reviewed so far, this one is available without a belt clip and quite thin. But is the search for my ultimate EVO case over? Hardly.

Design & Quality

PDair makes cases of good quality. The leather is soft and smooth, the stitching is fairly even, the edges are smooth, and all of the pieces are securely sewn/attached.

Evo-pdair-vpouch (4) 

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The design of the vertical pouch is very simple: no pockets, embellishments, or anything noteworthy on the outside other than the white cross-stitching and logo branded into the leather. It isn't particularly attractive, but it's clean and basic. I actually would've liked black stitching but as you may have seen with the company's leather flip cases for the EVO, it's not an option.

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The inside of the case is lined with logo-branded leather. It's an odd choice considering that most cases use a softer suede/felt-like material lining, which partially doubles as a screen cloth when the device rubs against it, but it doesn't do any harm. It will sometimes leave streaks on a fingerprint-covered screen, but that's about it.

Evo-pdair-vpouch (6) 

As you can see above, for a leather case, this one is really thin.


Here's where things get ugly. If you think the pouch is already ugly, then here's where things get uglier.

Evo-pdair-vpouch (8)

The EVO fits into the pouch, don't get me wrong, but it goes in easier than it comes out. Because elastic bands are used on the sides, the case doesn't get stretched in the same way it would if the sides were made of leather. I used this case for weeks and it always felt like the first time (and I don't mean this in a good way). The fit is just too snug. The phone really needs to be pulled out, and you'll almost always hit the volume buttons in the process. The thinner Samsung Captivate fits much better in the case and slips in and out with ease.

Evo-pdair-vpouch (7) 

The elastic bands already cheapen the look of the case, but what makes it worse is the way the back bends/warps because of the EVO's curves.


Although I had high hopes for the PDair vertical pouch, I can sum up my feelings about it in one word: disappointed.

I'm fine with the way the case looks when the EVO isn't inside it, but the way it warps when it's doing what it's designed to do is unacceptable. Couple that with how difficult it is to remove the EVO (it's like "beat the clock" when the phone rings) and my verdict isn't positive.

The PDair vertical pouch for the HTC EVO is available now for $28. There's also one with a belt clip for the same price.

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9 thoughts on “Review: PDair vertical pouch for HTC EVO 4G

  • This case looks similar to the one I had for my Dell Axim x3i. Those were the days… Carrying around a PDA and a phone and hoping their was wifi somewhere so you could use your PDA. lol

  • Please ignore the incorrect use of “their”. I didn’t get much sleep. :)

  • Michael, I’ve ordered one with a pocket. Thanks for the tip.

  • I just got the 3500 extended battery and I can’t find ANY cases to fit the extra thickness. Anyone have ideas?

  • I think Seidio is the only one that makes a case since it is their battery.

  • Hows the fit? Naked evo I assume. Felt inside to clean the screen too?

  • The fit is really good, yep naked evos. I’m not sure how much the felt cleans, but it seems soft enough and the overall quality is surprisingly good. When I ordered, the seller actually had a 2 pack for sale, so I have one too but only use it when I’m flying, so I can put the EVO in a bag without worrying about it.

    For a few dollars it’s definitely worth a try, I don’t think you’ll regret it.


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