Superboot root method works with AT&T Dell Streak (build 6601), angers capacitive button lights [Video]

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Since I rooted my UK Dell Streak using the Superboot method a few months ago, I thought I'd give it a try on the AT&T Dell Streak. Superboot is specifically designed for devices with build numbers 3883 and 4399; the AT&T build is 6601 but I was feeling ambitious after several failed attempts at unlocking. I knew that I could always flash the O2 ROM if I had to (I don't think anyone has put up the AT&T ROM yet), which I was fine with since that's what I had been using on my UK Streak up until slapping Android 2.1 on it this morning.

Long story short, it worked. My AT&T Streak was rooted within minutes and as far as I could tell, everything was working perfectly.

Then the capacitive buttons started freaking out.

They still functioned just fine, but the Menu button's backlight wouldn't turn off.

Streak-att-superboot (2) 

Fine. So my Menu button is constantly illuminated. Big deal.

Sensing its sibling was in trouble, the Home button's backlight turned on while the Menu button retreated into the darkness. That's what you see in the first photo.

All three buttons continued to function normally, so I carried on.


That's when the two buttons joined forces and started blinking/flashing, one after the other. They were doing it so quickly that my camera couldn't keep up, which is why they're both lit in the photo above.

So I turned the Streak off and pulled out the battery. That'll teach them to gang up on me, right?

Wrong! When I booted the device back up, the flashing started up again. And then it stopped. And then it started up again.

I still haven't been able to detect a solid pattern because sometimes all of the buttons behave like little angels. They turn off like they're supposed to and light up in unison like they're supposed to. Other times the Menu button will become stubborn and stay lit for about a minute. Then the flashing starts. Then the Menu button is standing strong alone again. Repeated reboots and several visits to the recovery mode did nothing to fix the issue.

For a while, I thought I'd be able to live with it since it didn't impact performance. The Streak still worked with no problems, as did the crazy buttons, and it was rooted. But the lights wore me down and just got too distracting.

In the end, the buttons won. I ended up flashing the O2 ROM (build 4399). I assume I'll go back to the AT&T ROM once someone puts it out, but then again, being able to sideload apps and install Android 2.1 while still being able to use AT&T 3G is hard to give up.

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