Yes, AT&T prevents sideloading on the Dell Streak


I know you were just starting to feel warm and fuzzy about AT&T since the Dell Streak isn't being bogged down by carrier bloatware, but let's get back to reality.

Just as we feared, AT&T has indeed removed the setting on the Dell Streak that allows non-Market apps to be installed. On the left, the UK Streak (locked to O2); on the right, the US Streak (locked to AT&T). As you can see, the "Unknown sources" option that allows sideloading has been removed. Along with it, (un)surprisingly, is the "Running services" options that lets you control—you guessed it—running services.

You know how to get around the sideloading restriction, of course, but you shouldn't have to use a third-party solution and a computer to do something that Android phones on every other carrier can do out of the box and directly from the device.

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Jenn K. Lee

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14 thoughts on “Yes, AT&T prevents sideloading on the Dell Streak

  • I can’t get ADB (an essential part of the side loader) to recognize my Streak (AT&T new today). I do have the Dell Suite installed, and Device Manager on my PC (XP) shows “Android ADB Device” all nice and happy. But “ADB Devices” says nothing there (and yes USB debugging is on). I even tried pointing the driver for that ADB device at the driver folder contained in the Streak software, it churned for a while, said I had to reboot, but still no joy.

    I’ll play around a bit more, see if any other AT&T users figure it out…any ideas?

  • Avatar of The Jack of Clubs

    im sure someone will fix this soon.

  • It may be that the phone is just a bit too new, and ADB doesn’t have the right ID for it yet. I had a similar issue with my MyTouch when I first got it (but I was working in Linux, so things were a bit different).

  • Uninstall Dell PC Suite, go install the PDANet client for Windows, and watch as PDANet puts a magic driver on that ADB can talk to. I’m scratching my head too, but it works for me.

  • No luck. I uninstalled the PC suite, installed PDANet (which told me it was going to replace my “Google driver”) and it DID install PDANet on my Streak, but I still can’t get ADB to “see” my Streak.

    I think this PC may be borked, I’ve done a lot of Android and iPhone USB tinkering on it. I’ll try a clean machine over the weekend.

    Thanks for the help anyway…

  • Avatar of ssmotor

    Thanks, worked perfectly

  • Avatar of Charlie

    Jenn – do you have a subsidized phone? Unknown Sources shows up on mine and after turning it on, I sideloaded a couple of apps without any problems. My phone is a full priced one.

  • Avatar of lizzle

    I cannot get SWM to see my streak either. I uninstalled dell pc suite, installed pdanet successfully. When I run SWM the loader is still not seeing the streak device. What gives?

  • Not sure if this is the exact sequence, since I was playing around a bit with different installs, but I got it to work eventually (sorry about not having exact paths, but I’m away from the computer that I did this with):

    1) Install the Dell Windows software for the Streak (Dell Manager?)
    2) Copy the ADB files (I think there were 2, not sure if they were both needed) from the install directory to the SWM directory (and remove/save the old one, just in case)
    3) Now run SWM and you should see the serial number when you install an app

  • I just got my Dell Streak a couple of days ago and wanted to know; how do I get the “Running Services” option under my settings and applications. I have managed to get the “Unknown Sources” on my streak to enable third party apps and sideloading, but I can’t seem to find anything on how to get that option.

    My Specs:
    Firmware: 1.6
    OEM Version: GAUSB1A111231
    Build: 6601
    US AT&T Version from Best Buy
    Not Rooted


  • Avatar of peterstreaker

    I have a AT&T Streak that I unlocked and upgraded to 2.2. Last night I made the mistake of trying to install this so I can sideload apps. Unfortunately my phone will not boot up. It just hangs on the Dell logo. Will be trying some things including going back to 1.6 and then back to 2.2. So far no luck at all. :(


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