Dell now marketing Streak as Android-based pocket tablet


Now that the Dell Streak will be featured in TV ads, its got a redesigned product page that introduces the device to the newly informed mainstream consumer as an Android-based pocket tablet (it was previously called a mobile entertainment device that Dell managed to "fit the whole world into"). The page now declares that "Your Pocket Tablet Has Arrived" and features a Flash-laden spot that highlights its navigation, entertainment, and social network functions.

Everything else on the page is the same, including the identification of Android 1.6 as the operating system, so don't expect to find any surprises about the long-awaited 2.2 update there. Froyo is coming soon; it's just not available (not officially, anyway) yet.

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Jenn K. Lee

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10 thoughts on “Dell now marketing Streak as Android-based pocket tablet

  • Avatar of daphnie

    i want 2.2 so bad. Is that cool htc theme look for 2.2 work for the offical

  • Yeh me wants 2.2 also waiting game now…

  • Avatar of Squeeze

    Sitting on 2.1 and loving it. Very pocketable in men’s slacks and jeans (without microfiber cloth). This is a table in my pocket. My iPhone feels tiny. My iPad 3G 32-GB hasn’t seen a lot of love lately.

  • Avatar of White Joe

    Yes, now it is on slot 4 in frontpage rotation!
    Cute pictures.
    Same prices.

  • Avatar of Louisiana84

    Not only does Dell not know how to market this device, it doesn’t know what to call it. I had to do a return after my original Streak developed charging issues. Customer service called it a Mini 5, a mobile device, a tablet, a phone, and a Dell Streak. Now we can add ‘pocket tablet’ to the mix. If you dont know exactly what to call it, don’t know exactly what it is, how can you market it? Duh!

  • I had to return my first one the screen cracked underneath not on top dont know how, I didnt drop or hit it? This one is doing ok I get about 15 hours with battery saver app and general use. Added a Otterbox case and I feel alot better about carrying it around places than before, still getting used to the shear size of it. Still fits great in my back pocket with the otterbox case on it. I came from a Iphone 3GS. Patiently waiting for the Froyo update from Dell hopefully this month!

  • Avatar of Rapenzie

    If it gets Android 2.2 I’m considering getting it over the 3DS. I found having 2 devices (handheld console and phone) annoying and gaming on smartphones are growing so a bigger screen is what i need (on-screen virtual controls take some space, you know). I’ll make a test drive first, though.

  • Pocket Tablet?? Dell specifically states NOT TO PLACE THE PHONE IN YOUR POCKET. I asked them and they said they do not warranty the phone if put in your pocket (asked when I called to RMA my second replacement Streak). Nice to see Dell still has double standards…

  • I’ve never seen that warning about putting it in your pocket before. How would they enforce that warranty condition? Seems insane.

  • Not sure. Mine reboots constantly while in my pocket. A pain in the @ss when streaming with a bluetooth headset. They have sent me four replcements for a few issues. The main one is a design flaw/manufacturing issue related to the sim card backing out ad impeeding battery removal.


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