Meet the new Pre, same as the old Pre

pre-2-2Well, maybe not on the inside, but the outside sure looks like more of the same from HP/Palm. According to the website of the French carrier SFR, this is the upcoming Pre 2. Needless to say there is no mention of date but the site did give us some intriguing details of the specs of the device, and some subtle refinements of the design.

My feeling is that due to the fact that the original Pre never lived up to its hype (and fell far short of its projected sales), subtle changes may not be the way to go for Palm at this point, especially with HP backing them. Some bold innovations and reworkings may have more of an effect on the handset's “what if?” status as a device that should have challenged the iPhone but didn’t. After all, the Pre was overwhelmed and left for dead in the smartphone market when it first came out, and now things are much more crowded and cutthroat.

Check out the rumored specs, translated by PreCentral from the French, after the jump.

  • 1GHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Same design as the current Pre series, but with a “flatter screen” and “more refined design”
  • Simple, exposed bicroUSB port
  • Matter finish (meaning likely improved plastic)
  • Faster boot time

So are you in the market for the Pre 2?

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Zealot Benmergui

Zealot is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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4 thoughts on “Meet the new Pre, same as the old Pre

  • Avatar of aftermath

    Maybe, but maybe not.

    A new “old pre” may not be such a bad thing. It wasn’t a bad phone, and I think one of the worst things that it had going for it was the fact that it was backed by Palm, which was on the brink. Perhaps now that it’s backed by HP, who also as massive inroads into education, medical, government, military, and big business sectors, it will fare better than it did last time.

  • Avatar of sere83

    If the screen res is 480×320 this is a FAIL fest. I just bought an orange san francsico, which is a re branded ZTE blade here in the UK with an 800×480 AMOLED for £99. The original iphone had an HVGA diplay in 2007, not acceptable really when you look at what the competition is producing. The min spec for windows 7 is 800×480. Was expecting more from palm to be honest, hope the preliminary specs are incorrect.

  • Get a life ! Compact looking Palm phones are 10,000 times better than those black/gray/white slab-clones from Mars. And now Palms will run on WebOS 2.0. GOOD ENOUGH !

  • Avatar of Sere83

    Alright you enjoy your low spec Palm fail and I will enjoy the huge array of high end Android phones there are to choose from. Thanks.


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