The Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710S: Remote, Wi-Fi, tower fans, and an air purifier all in one

The Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710s is a dual motor oscillating tower fan with an air purification filter in the base that can be controlled via the fan, a remote control, or the Dreo app (which works with Google Home / Assistant and Alexa.)

Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710s

It moves air at up to 27 feet per second (1558 cfm,) through a user swappable HEPA H13 drum filter and has a second motor devoted to air purification (and oscillation?). Areas of oscillation can be defined as well as whether you want to use it or not, and the fan can be cranked to paper-scattering speeds or down to something called night mode.

Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710s
This is from the press kit.

Being in the south, this “night mode” is not something I would consider using as it does not drown out the sound of crickets, or traffic.

I hadn’t really appreciated what a connected fan could do until I got a Dreo fan that I believe has been renamed. You just never remember to kick on a fan until you’re in bed half asleep and realize you have not kicked on a fan… ok google, turn on the mini fan.

The Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710s has temporarily taken up residence at my work as we are going through some issues with the heating and cooling… specifically that my office suddenly doesn’t have any duct work going to it (someone took it). Seems to work pretty well in a smallish office to move air around, and if it had a heating element I know three people who would be bugging me for it. No heating element… womp womp.

One of the things I dig about the tower fan is that it has a regular power plug and not something my cats can simply disconnect when the zoomies hit. This has been a problem with two of my previous Dreo devices (the easy pull out 5 volt plug.) Oh yeah, not that my cats are in my office just giving an example.

The Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710S also provides you with information about air quality in the house, and temperature. All of this is visible on the app and the device, however on the device you have to select through items.

Small issues encountered with the Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710S

While there are few problems encountered there are two things I feel were noteworthy. The first being that connecting the Dreo app (on Android,) to the MC710S started out great but then it told me to press and hold a button for 5 seconds that was just not there. I discovered I needed to press and turn it on, even though it was found and connectable. Then I was able to pair it by pressing a button that became visible with backlighting.

The other issue involves the drum and it’s a procedural one I’m feeling we could skip. The drum has to be removed from plastic before you can use the unit unless you want to risk fire damage. Why? The wrapped up drum was in a completely bagged up Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710S in what without the effort of UPS would have been an airtight box. Just not a lot of reason I see to ship something with a large warning label that it’s flammable.

Wrap up

Nice little device, I suspect Dr. Who fans will see a Dalek as the base wearing a tophat. It’s not exactly the look I would have chosen but it looks fairly sleek and modern.

There is a lot of Dreo’s tower fan to love coming in at about 4 feet tall. I don’t have the MSRP as of writing, so can’t really comment on pricing but Dreo filters are going to be an ongoing expense you’d want to factor into your purchasing budget.

You can grab a Dreo Purifier Tower Fan MC710S from Dreo’s website.

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