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HTC EVO drops to $49.99, thanks to Walmart gift card


Forget every deal you've ever seen for the HTC EVO 4G. This is now the one to beat.

Walmart Wireless, operated by LetsTalk, is redefining its everyday low prices by selling the HTC EVO 4G in both black and white for $49.99 when you sign up for a new two-year contract. The low price comes from an instant $50 Letstalk discount and a $100 Walmart gift card. You need to complete a mail-in rebate form (PDF) and wait 4 to 6 weeks to get the card, though, so you actually need to pay $149.99 upfront.

The gift card offer is also available to contract renewals, with the final price for those being $99.99 ($199.99 upfront).



The gift card offer ends on Thanksgiving Day (11/25).

[Walmart Wireless] Thanks, Alex!

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17 thoughts on “HTC EVO drops to $49.99, thanks to Walmart gift card

  • Damn , I got my evo couple of weeks back and now all sorts of deals are popping out.

  • Avatar of Marcel

    Makes me think two things are happening: 1) Something is in the pipeline and they are about to release the HTC Badass or 2) Sprint is realizing that this phone is the best on the market and driving down the cost is a great way to get people on board the Sprint bus.

  • Verizon is selling their Droids for a penny. Sprint is so tight! But I’m getting close to getting this Bad Boy.

  • Great deal. Just wish they would waive the activation fee.

  • Avatar of Kevin

    Walmart. Not worth it.

  • This is kinda bittersweet. I love my EVO. But this kind of rubs me the wrong way. Kind of like when the former Hollywood Starlet does straight to video or state fairs to pay their rent.

    Something tells me that Sprint is trying to price these to make way for something “bigger and better and faster” early 2011? Sure, it’s inevitable, I know this. I’ll always love my EVO. But $49.99. Sure, it’s not a penny and is still one of, if not THE best Android phone out there and it came out late May while the Verizon phones seem to come/go.

    What do you folks think. Am I over-reacting?

  • Avatar of Tim242

    First of all, Verizon isn’t selling droids for a penny, Amazon is. Amazon pays Verizon the same price you would. They get paid commission from Verizon for the contracts. They pass on a lot of that to customers in the form of discounts. The reason they do these penny sales is to increase sales, which increase their commission. It’s no different with Sprint and the Evo. If it were the carriers pricing these this low, you’d see it that low on the carriers’ websites.

  • Avatar of Ray Spencer

    Yes! Good Point!

  • Avatar of Babble0n

    +1. Walmart will not be receiving a penny of my purchases.

  • Avatar of eatmor

    Where are they selling Verizon phones for a penny?

  • Avatar of craig

    I’m not sure about tight, but Sprint definitely doesn’t have any business sense. They are charging $150 for the HTC Hero, while Verizon charges the same for the HTC Incredible. Now you tell me which is the better device.

  • Does not matter who sells it. The end user gets the benefits. I would buy an Evo for a cent. Even if it’s sold from a lemonade stand, as long as it’s legit.

  • Avatar of alister

    25rafpcver1 <--- coupon for up to $25 off order on top of the kick butt savings above! Thanks GAE.

  • Avatar of bizinatch

    All you have to do is pay it up front and then call customer service and politely ask for the fee to be waived. They did it for me. I think activation fees are INSANITY!


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