Dell Streak release in Japan delayed


When the Dell Streak launched in Japan last month, it was the first one to be advertised as shipping with Android 2.2 (Froyo). Preorders began on November 12th, with shipping expected in early December.

The Froyo-packing Streak—known as the SoftBank 001DL—was actually supposed to start its mass dispersion across the Land of the Rising Sun today, but sadly, when the sun set (it's already Friday evening there as I write this) everyone in Japan was still sans Streak. In an update posted on its website this morning, SoftBank announced that the release has been postponed until further notice.

Here's the original announcement:


StreakSmart reader Hiroshi kindly provided this translation:

Announcement for delay in the release date for "DELL Streak 001DL"

Since there was a software issue that has to be taken care of, the release date of the cellphone "DELL Streak 001DL," which was expected on Dec 10 (Fri), has been postponed.

The updated release date will be shared as soon as it is decided.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Whether this "software issue" refers to the same thing(s) that Dell just fixed in its latest Froyo release for unlocked devices is unknown, but I'm sure there are a lot of buyers in Japan who would rather have a Streak with 1.6 than no Streak at all.

[SoftBank] Thanks, Hiroshi!

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10 thoughts on “Dell Streak release in Japan delayed

  • High five Dell, you guys just keep shooting yourselves in the foot.

  • Avatar of scaronscar

    wow……. way to go Dell nice way to fuck up on a global scale….. Mr. Dell must not give a shit about his company anymore,if it was me I would be having my employees heads on a wall for this one…..I mean come on its made over there in that region of the world and they can still fuck up a release date.

  • Avatar of X-Man

    Amazing! The Streak keeps getting punched in the gut, but it refuses to go down. It’s a testament to the quality of the hardware design and form factor. Users understand enough to know that giving up on the Streak because of software issues is short-sighted.

    We are definitely a determined and patient bunch. Why? Because we cut through all the crap and see the huge potential of this unique device once it’s paired with better software.

    As an early adopter of the 2nd generation Prius, I understand the desire to take a leap of faith to support a product you believe in. The Streak is not like any other product on the market. I felt the same way about the Prius at the time I bought it.

  • Avatar of scaronscar

    true the streak has awesome hardware im might just keep it and go get something with a newer os on and then when or if this thing is ever updated start using it aging….the being of 2011 is going to have some sick phones with dual core processors in them and nice hardware

  • Avatar of ramtix

    Its such a pity.I’m very happy with my streak, I think its an awesome device. But the lack of focus of DELL for it on marketing ,development and support for 3rd party accessories wastes its potential to really make it big.

  • The release date has also been pushed back in Singapore; was supposed to go on sale on 11 Dec. Those who pre-ordered must be rightfully peeved.

  • Avatar of delay?

    anyone knows whats the reason for the delay? will it take long?

  • Avatar of gingerbread?

    gingerbread is out and dell is still struggling with froyo. we just have to wonder the competence level of the dell team…
    or are they trying to give everyone a surprise to put gingerbread into streak??

  • No chance. The custom interface for each iteration of Android on the streak takes ages to write, so I doubt Gingerbread is waiting in the wings.


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