Good and EVO

Pavement: 1, HTC EVO 4G: 0


You may have seen an HTC EVO with a cracked screen before, but have you ever seen one with a screen that was cracked like this? It's so thoroughly and completely cracked that it almost looks like a design!

G&E reader GothamTommy saw this carnage firsthand because unfortunately, that's his EVO making you cringe right now. More pictures (you masochist!) and his story below.


From GothamTommy:

I work in advertising so I sometimes have a lot of traveling to do in a single day. My EVO is my lifeline for work and [helps me keep] my sanity with games and music. I even carry extra batteries as I'm traveling to swap them out.

I was on the last leg of my traveling one day. I had my headphones [plugged] in listening to music. I should mention here that I also love the aesthetics of the EVO so I don't believe in cases (I think it takes away from the awesomeness). I went to slip the EVO into my pocket but didn't make the fold. Instead of dropping into the inside of my pocket, the phone continued down from my hip, rotating to face the screen down and smacked the pavement face-first.



The damage obviously would have been less severe had GothamTommy's EVO been protected in a case, but as a caseless EVO user myself, I can't blame him for wanting to keep the phone naked all the time either. And for what it's worth, that's one of the most beautifully cracked screens I've ever seen.

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