Dell Streak gets perfect score on Attack of the Show, awarded 5 AOTS Seals of Approval


While Walt Mossberg said the Dell Streak was one of the worst products of 2010, Chris Hardwick and Candace Bailey from G4's Attack of the Show called it "one of the best tablets [they've] reviewed" in a recent Gadget Pr0n segment and gave it 5 AOTS Seals of Approval, their highest rating. A 5-seal rating means that they "love it and recommend it for anyone," which is high praise indeed for the device that Mossberg labeled a "design compromise."

Hardwick said the Streak's touchscreen responsiveness is on par with iOS devices and the browser feels faster than the one on the Galaxy Tab. He even applauded Dell for its Stage UI and custom widgets (to each his own, I guess).

The reason for the disparity in conclusions is obvious: Mossberg reviewed the Streak at launch (Android 1.6, $299 on contract, not available unlocked in US) and AOTS reviewed it a few days ago (Android 2.2, $99 on contract, available unlocked in US). The recommendation is glowing, sure, but is it a case of "better late than never" or "too little, too late"? Just imagine how different the Streak's trajectory could have been if it launched last year with Froyo and a $99 price tag!

For the sake of all the AOTS viewers who rushed to an AT&T store and then returned home empty-handed and confused that the employees had never heard of the Streak, I sure hope AT&T pushes out that 2.2 update tomorrow and then, you know, acknowledges the tablet's existence.

[G4 AOTS] Thanks, Wayne!

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