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HTC EVO 4G meets EVO Shift 4G at Digital Experience 2011


Since there probably won't be any breaking news about the HTC EVO 4G at CES 2011 this week, the handset's appearance at Pepcom's Digital Experience (an annual press event) last night may be the one of the only times it's seen at the show.

It was hanging out at HTC's table with a handful of other HTC phones, including the EVO Shift 4G that I just said wouldn't be covered here on G&E. Since it was right there, though, it didn't make sense to pass up the opportunity to take some side-by-side and one-on-top-of-the-other photos.

Typical of CES events, the devices on display were smeared with fingerprints and other smudges. I usually try to wipe the screens with my sleeve to make the gadgets more presentable, but I didn't have a chance to this time.





I think the EVO Shift 4G is one of the few devices out there that actually looks better in photos than it does in real life.

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19 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G meets EVO Shift 4G at Digital Experience 2011

  • It’s a nifty looking phone but I’m kind of disappointed with Sprint’s showing at the CES thus far–AT&T and Verizon have showcased amazing new Android phones and all we get is a watered down version of the EVO? Boo-urns.

  • I am dissappointed, but I wonder if Sprint is keeping its cards close to the vest on what they have in the pipeline. I am sure they will have something up their sleeves for one of the major trade shows in March. I am not worried…I am very happy with my Warmed up rooted EVO.

  • Yeah, they might have something brewing with an EVO 2 that will set the bar, again. Given the new competition, HTC really needs to up their ante. Let’s hope, or it’s back to Verizon for me.

  • Avatar of jaydeeIL

    Be patient my friends. The companies that need all the attention are up there showing their hands already for the year. How long before any of these products hit the market? And we Spring will do something. Maybe they are just playing the waiting game. Here’s hoping they bring out a tablet soon. I really need one and want it to be an android one.

  • The Shift is just an ugly device. Reminds me of what I thought about the Droid when it first dropped regardless of the specs that it promoted…

  • Avatar of Patrick

    Forget the shift. Somebody should make a keyboard/stereo-speaker add-on that plugs into the mini usb port and the headphone jack

    Here is looking forward to an HTC “REVO” for 2011/12.

  • Avatar of Not-A-Hater

    I love my EVO, but Sprint sucks at business planning/strategy. I hope they have some hot new Android phones up their sleeve, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. HTC, on the other hand, is close to finally realizing that people want to buy what they’re selling, so maybe HTC will come out with a cool new EVO 2 that Sprint will HAVE to sell (because we EVO Lovers will want it).

  • Avatar of Raechel

    I don’t know anyone who wants an Evo Shift. I am sure they will get some people who wished Evo had one before. This is probably not intended to be a phone for current Evo users would switch to. Just a broadening the marketability approach. Yawn….

    I’d like to see a new Evo for us in July. Or an Even better phone for us by HTC. I frankly would love to see something the size of the Galaxy tab with an functioning phone in it. I don’t mind using a headset or BT headset to talk on the phone. I would love the screen size.

  • whatever they do with the next EVO, it BETTER have a freakin’ kickstand or I’m gonna be pissed

  • I love my evo and the new shift to me is kinda a joke and insult to the evo.sprint wanting a stripped down evo wanna be is sad.

  • Avatar of michael blackburn

    What so you mean, we won’t see the EVO at this conference? I’m pretty sure I saw it a couple times at the verizon booth. I think they call their version the thunderbolt, but it’s the EXACT same phone a year later with the only addition being 8gb inboard plus an sd.
    LG has an evo clone too. I’m not impressed with these year-later me-toos.

  • The Shift is cute…but I’ll stick to my Evo thanks.

    The only viable upgrade IMO is a Galaxy S or Nexus S (assuming they release a CDMA version)..or perhaps the Motorola Bionic.

  • Evo is the best phone, period. Evo Shift is wack. Htc could create an Evo tablet (EvoTab)!

  • Avatar of Richardy

    Actually all the current htc Evo owners need to calm down…Our device is the most POPULAR and is the GRANDDADDY OF 4G THE FIRST AND ORGINAL 4G DEVICE THAT CAME OUT ON THE MARKET JUNE 2010…It is popular and has put SPRINT on the map…Our device if you did not notice is the form factor that every other carrier has decided to COPY…We as EVO owners should be proud cause it is HTC/SPRINT that SET THE BAR and in 2011 everyone has decided to join the party…I am proud of sprint and proud to be and htc evo owner it has been and was selected the BEST SMARTPHONE DEVICE IN 2010…Sprint has started the HTC Evo family on there network and I welcome the HTC EVO SHIFT 4G TO THE FAMILY…This will give all our fellow sprint customers stuck with the SAMSUNG EPIC and there moronic UPDATE PROBLEMS a chance to SWITCH TO THE HTC EVO SHIFT 4G ANYTHING HTC MAKES IS CLEARLY BETTER THAN SAMSUNG AND UPDATES IS HTC AND SPRINTS MAIN CONCERN…We will see at Mobile World Congress in Feburary or CTIA in March the ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE HTC EVO 2 4G clearly a device that will be better than anything announced at CES THIS PAST WEEK…It was about time Verizon and At&t joined the 4g party they are late and there network is not PROVEN LIKE SPRINT and trust me they will charge and RIP OFF THERE CUSTOMERS BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT VERIZON AND AT&T IS FAMOUS FOR…SPRINT IS THE ONLY CARRIER WITH UNLIMITED DATA I APPLAUD SPRINT AND THE WAY THEY TAKE CARE OF THE HTC EVO CUSTOMERS. AGAIN WE WILL HAVE THE BEST DEVICE ON 4G ON THE MARKET IN 2011 THE NEW HTC EVO 2 4G…..CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT AND IT WILL COME WITH GINGERBREAD TRUST THAT….Meanwhile lets get that gingerbread on the current htc evo 4g

  • Sprint is coming out with a tablet and yes it will be powered by the android market. If I remember correctly It’s made by Samsung with the whole galaxy S movement they have and it’s gonna be called the tap.

  • Ppl It’s a marketing strategy the Evo shift is not really a newer phone per se it’s just a phone for ppl that want an Evo but at the same time need a slide out keyboard.

  • It’s the Galaxy Tab not tap my bad


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