Android Mini Collectible Series 02 available today for Dell Streak fans with quick reflexes

Android-s2-logo If you're a big fan of the Dell Streak (and you must be if you're here), then it probably goes without saying that you're also a big fan of Android.

The fact that you've got the Streak in your hands and are visiting StreakSmart is proof that you're a member of the first club, but what do you have to show your allegiance to the second one?

Forget about stickers or T-shirts bearing the likeness of the green mascot most of us call Andy. Hardcore fanboys/girls play with toys created in honor of their favorite mobile OS! And there aren't any that are better or more sought after than the just-released second installment of the wildly popular Android Mini Collectible series of 3-inch vinyl figures (produced in association with Google).

Android-s2-box Series 01, released last year, was made up of 12 different designs created by Andrew Bell and blind-boxed for $7.50 apiece or $116 for a case of 16. It sold out almost immediately, as did the majority of the follow-up special edition figures (e.g., snowman, vampire).

The blank do-it-yourself figure and standard green mascot are both still available, though . . . and at 11 a.m. EST today, all of the new figures designed by various artists that make up Series 02 will be on sale too. The series includes 11 regular designs, 1 chase (rare secret design), and 2 rare variants of the other designs; each case of 16 is guaranteed to include at least 12 different figures.

Dyzplastic announced on Wednesday that Series 02 would be arriving this week and yesterday, the company revealed that some of its stock would be available that night (last night) and this morning. Many online retailers who were previously taking preorders for the vinyl collectibles have already sold out, so 11 a.m. EST today may be your best chance to get the entire set without paying through the nose on eBay (e.g., there's a listing for an unopened case of Series 02 with a starting bid of $480).



But you better be quick about it because they're guaranteed to be gone in a flash. Yesterday's stock sold out in about 15 minutes and the site slowed to a crawl. If you want to try your luck today, make sure you're already signed into your Dead Zebra account before 11 a.m., have your credit card on hand, and click your mouse as fast as you can.

I ordered my case (there's a one case limit per household) last night and know from all the previous boxes of collectibles I've bought in the past that I'll definitely be getting duplicates. Maybe we should start a swap in the forum so we can all get the whole set…

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