Asus releases least funny ad…ever

Stupid ads is pretty common in the tablet world, as with any other consumer electronic segment. Be it Android tablet manufacturer’s pointless quest to convince people they need Flash by creating Flash websites that make computers crumble or Apple’s “the iPad is magic/revolutionary/whatever” commercials, they all make well informed consumers want to throw up. Asus has taken the whole advertisement thing to a new level though and released a 3 minute parody of the TV show The Big Bang Theory to promote their new EEE Pad Transformer- an ad that is so painfully unfunny that you want to hide under your bed and pretend you’re not the same species as whoever came up with it. The ad isn’t technically retarded like the others, it’s simply stupid. As much as I’m looking forward to the Asus tablets, this is NOT the way to advertise them! The Big Bang Theory is a brilliant show and this isn’t anything other than brilliantly bad.

[via Liliputing]
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Andreas Ødegård

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