Kickstarter spotlight: Taposé iPad app

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Remember the Microsoft Courier? It was a concept tablet that Microsoft was playing with about 1.5 years ago that got some massive press and praise, but that didn’t ever make it to market. The Courier had two screens, and used these two in unison to let the user multitask and move between apps in a way that there are still no tablets that do. Even now with the iPad 2 and Honeycomb tablets all over the place, many people-  me included- still shed the occasional tear for the tablet that never was. Thanks to a Kickstarter project however, it might still be- at least the essence of it.

Taposé is an app concept that aims to bring the Courier’s functionality to the iPad (and eventually other platforms)in form of an app that mimics the dual screen interface of the courier. Sounds cool and definitely an app I’d be interested in if they do it right, although splitting the iPad screen in two could cause some issues with the accuracy of the touchscreen when using a stylus for handwriting (due to the limited screen real estate per “page”). There are 58 days to go on this project at Kickstarter and they’re only $320 into their$10000 goal, so if you want to see Taposé become a reality you might consider supporting the project yourself– after all, that’s what Kickstarter is about.

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