Dell Streak USB/PDMI charge and sync cable available for $4.40


One of the reasons Dell Streak users were so pleased to learn that the device's "proprietary" connector was actually PDMI was the prospect of finding cheaper cables. The official USB Charge and Sync Cable for Dell Streak retails for $19.99, which is pretty steep compared to the cost of the microUSB cables that most Android phones use for charging and syncing.

Unfortunately, tracking down a compatible cable hasn't been very easy. Not until recently, anyway.

A 6-foot cable from Hong Kong surfaced on eBay last month (about 6 months after the PDMI identification), where it's still selling for about $9 shipped, and now there's another option: a shorter 2.6-foot cable for $4.40 shipped from DealExtreme. Amazing, yes, but the bargain-basement pricing doesn't stop there! If you buy 3-4 cables, the shipped price drops to $3.69 each; 5-9 cables, $3.59 apiece; and 10+ cables, $3.49 each.


The cable may not look as nice as the official Dell one, but who cares about that logo-branded clip and glossy plastic when you can get the same functionality for a fraction of the cost?

[DealExtreme] Thanks, nisshi9!

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41 thoughts on “Dell Streak USB/PDMI charge and sync cable available for $4.40

  • Avatar of V.stArZerO

    Thanks for the information, Jann.
    I placed my order as soon as I saw your post :)

  • Very cool, just bought one, $4,40 with free shipping, can’t beat that…

  • I had to buy a charger from t-mobile for $43 becauce Dell did not know when they could get it out to me.

  • I just bought 3 for $12.77! Thanks Jenn (^_^)

  • This is a great find. THANKS!

  • Avatar of commanderastig

    jenn, how about a car charger?

  • I’m currently using a Wagan AC/DC USB Charger in my car. Is the only non-Dell charger that (as far as I know) works with the Streak 5. You can get it in Amazon for about $10

  • Avatar of commanderastig

    awesome! thanks alot mklopez. just purchased one.

  • GREAT find. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

  • Avatar of getdown1080p

    just bougth 2 for me and wife dell streak

  • Avatar of aust streaker

    Already bought it and using it now and working great.
    Although I got in early it cost me $10 all up.
    Better than the original which was going for $30+ from UK site which is blatant ripoff imho.

  • took 2 weeks to get mine… now charging my streak with one.

  • Avatar of White Joe

    Thanks, ordered one.
    Now I have 20 cm cable in my purse always with me.
    4.40 one will be at work all the time.
    Stock cable and charger at home.

    Ah, perfect life.

  • commanderastig i bought the belkin car charger that works great.
    it is faster.

  • Since I have upgraded to 2.2, all car chargers works. if you have 2.2 on your dell streak, any adapter would work.

  • Hey Jenn, can this be coupled with a usb (female to female) wire to be used for USB OTG?

    Has anyone tried this? Been looking for a way to make my portable storage work with my streak for ages.


  • Avatar of Jonathan-Streaker

    OTG was dropped in Froyo. It’s not something that DJ_Steve has been working on, but I hear that others are playing around with it.

    Perhaps some day it will be back.

  • Any car charger that works with USB should work. I have a couple I bought off of Ebay a few months back which work good. The limitation has been that 2 wires have to be crossed for the Streak to recognize it for charging. That happens in the cable and not in the car charger.

  • Avatar of Commanderastig

    Thanks, I’ll but some at radio shack right now.

  • any non dell usb car charger will work, even the sub 5 dollars ones you will find on monoprice. its just a usb power connection.

  • hmmm interesting thing…

    looks closely at the PDMI end… of each one.

    they look different.

    but it seems to charge for me.

  • Actually, some of them were found not to have enough juice to power the Dell properly, and thus weren’t charging them. I think it is AMP draw that was the issue. So, finding one that is confirmed to work with the Streak is key.

  • Not every charger will charge it, most do not deliver enough to do it, there’s a thread in the forum here about it… if you find one that will please post about it.

  • will this work with the Streak 7?

  • Just received my (2) cables after seeing them here. Took a few weeks, but they connect fine. Can move files and so on. Says it’s charging, but not sure how well.

  • Avatar of AVAmonster

    Got the cables, works fine as expected, charging time / usb transfer rate is the same as with original dell cable.

    The good thing is that you can easily disassemble the connector, as it’s not glued.
    The bad thing that there are just no pins inside, except for the ones used for USB/charging. So there is no way you could solder line-out, displayport e.t.c to these PDMI connectors.

    M.b. buying 3-4 cables, getting pins out of them and making one full PDMI connector would work…

  • Avatar of Juri Sirait

    i need 2 data cables/transmissions of my dell streak 5…so..pls infom me where is the shop that i can to buy it…

  • Buy a car voltage inverter 12V to 110V for about 35$ you can plug any home charger or computer in the car

  • Can anyone tell me the USB Pin to PDMI Pin numbers for the Dell Streak?
    Not just look at the charts posted about PDMI, I have them. But the actual pin to pin verified numbers.

  • I will luv 2 puchase is it, but i can’t seem 2 find out how do u purchase it, every time i click on the add to cart icon, it only enhances the picture of usb cable, so what r the rest u r doing tht im not.

    • Avatar of Jenn K. Lee

      Click on the “Deal Extreme” link at the bottom of the post. The image is just a screenshot of the actual order page.

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  • i need a compatible pdmi dock charge connector for the main board


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