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How to upgrade your HTC EVO 4G's microSD card

This guest tutorial was written for new HTC EVO users by MildlyDisturbed.

Evo-microsdhc So you've run out of room on the 8GB microSD card that came with your HTC EVO and just picked up a roomier 16GB or 32GB microSDHCir?t=goodandevo 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here so you can store more music, movies, and apps.

Unfortunately, you've already got lots of applications stored on the stock card (even ones that aren't supported to be there), as well as tons of pictures and music. The last thing you want is to lose all of that and start over from scratch.

Fortunately, moving everything to your new card and having it all work is an incredibly simple process that doesn't require anything you don't already have: 1) an EVO, 2) a computer, 3) a new SDHC card, and 4) tweezers (optional).

  1. Plug your EVO into your computer and choose the "Disk drive" option from the connection type menu.
  2. Create a "I'm moving this stuff to the new card" folder on your computer and open it.
  3. Double-click your mounted EVO (Windows: My Computer > whatever drive shows up new) to view its contents.
  4. Copy everything (all files and folders) to the new "I'm moving this stuff to the new card" folder on your computer.
  5. Once the transfer is complete, turn off your EVO (keep it connected to your computer). Take off the back cover and remove the battery.
  6. Above the preinstalled microSD card, you'll see a little indentation that looks like it was designed for a fingernail to go in it.  This is a release lever. Lift it up and you'll see the card lift up a little as well (see photo below).
  7. Using your fingernails or the tweezers, remove the old card and insert the new card at the same angle the old one came out. Press the release level down to lock the card in place.
  8. Insert the battery, put the back cover back on, and power on the EVO.
  9. When it boots/loads up, a lot of stuff isn't going to work because the microSDHC card is blank. Don't worry about this and choose the "Disk drive" option from the connection type menu again.
  10. Now copy all the files from the "I'm moving this stuff to the new card" folder to the new card in your mounted EVO.
  11. Disconnect the EVO from your computer, wait while the SD card is prepared/read, and enjoy all the apps, movies, music, and photos that used to be on your old card.


Alternatively, if you have a microSD USB card reader, you can skip the "Disk drive" stuff and just:

  • Remove back cover, battery, and old card from EVO.
  • Insert card into card reader and plug into computer.
  • Move all contents into folder on computer.
  • Take old card out of reader and put new card in.
  • Move all contents onto new card.
  • Take new card out of reader and put in EVO.
  • Replace battery and back cover, boot up and enjoy.

This guest tutorial was written for new HTC EVO users by MildlyDisturbed.

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