Samsung's Galaxy Pro aims for BlackBerry

This week, among other announcements, Samsung announced the next phone in its lineup of Android devices. Dubbed the Galaxy Pro, the device runs Android 2.2 and has somewhat moderate specs. However, the most notable thing about it is its BlackBerry-esque form factor. With the many new smartphones coming out, is it really necessary for Samsung to imitate a seemingly dying brand?

The specifications for this device, although hardly stellar, are certainly adequate. It has an 800 MHz processor, 2.8-inch 480×320 screen, and a 3.2MP camera. On the software side, it rocks Android 2.2 Samsung's Touchwiz user experience. The real story here is the device's form factor. As you can see from the above photo, the Pro has the four-row QWERTY keyboard and landscape display found on almost all BlackBerry phones. 

The fact that Samsung chose to release a device like this is puzzling to me. Although Motorola has a similar device (the Droid Pro), I think that the BlackBerry is floundering. If market share is any indication, that assertion would seem true.

Touchscreen phones with at most a slideout keyboard are now the most popular way to work on the go. Generally the reason people give for using a BlackBerry is its outstanding security features. But as other phones begin to offer more security features, why would you buy a device with a small keyboard and screen when you could have one with the same features and a larger screen and keyboard? And as a manufacturer, why would you make a device like that? When BlackBerrys had most of the market share it made sense, but it doesn't anymore. 

I see this device as a mistake, but do you think that the BlackBerry form factor will be popular?

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Aaron Orquia

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