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XM Radio vent clip mount fits Dell Streak car kit holder

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The Dell Streak's official Car Cradle Kit ($39.99) includes a high quality plastic holder/plate that attaches to an included gooseneck mount, which can then be mounted on a dashboard or windshield. If you want to mount the Streak in your car's A/C vent instead, StreakSmart reader GT Fan (who provided all the photos) discovered that the holder can be snapped onto a $5 spring-loaded vent clip originally designed for an XM Radio.

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The vent mount rotates 360 degrees for adjustable viewing and is obviously much more portable and compact than the gooseneck mount—an important consideration if you travel often or just don't like to leave your mount in the car unless you're in it too.

Dell-streak-xm-vent-mount (7)

GT Fan says the holder, which is designed for use with a case-less Streak, fits the mount perfectly. There may be universal mount holders out there that will fit the Streak and vent clip, but this is a nice extra mounting option for people who already have (or are now planning to buy) the official Car Cradle Kit.

$40 seems like a lot if all you want is the holder, but considering that the kit also comes with a spare cable and a car charger—not to mention the abundance of coupon codes—it's not a bad deal.


Sure, you can get a generic Streak cable and USB car charger for less than that, but when you see all those logos, you can tell it's Dell. And for some people, that's worth paying for.

[ | XMFanStore] Thanks, GT Fan!

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